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Jo Hyun Jae on Facebook, Weibo and Instagram, 2015.07.29

Jo Hyun Jae posted the following photos on his newly-opened official Instagram account: https://instagram.com/jo_hyunjae/
JHJ also posted links to these photos in his official FB account and official Weibo account. My English translation of JHJ’s captions are posted after each picture. In some photos JHJ’s captions are the same for both his FB and Instagram posts, while in some, the captions are different. I translated the longer captions.
For the above photo, JHJ wrote (from FB):
안녕하세요 여러분! 인스타그램 시작했어요^^
많이 팔로우해주세요. 인스타그램에 가끔 근황이나 사진 종종 올리겠습니다~
늘 감사합니다!!
English translation:
Hello, everyone! I started Instagram^^
Please follow us a lot. I will post recent photos to Instagram and will try to post pictures often.
Thank you always!

Caption (FB and Instagram): 첫촬영때^^
English translation: On my first day of filming.


Caption (FB and Instagram): 병원세트 촬영때^^
English translation: When filming at the hospital set.


8월5일 첫방!!기대해주세요^^ 굿나잇~♡

A post shared by 조 현재. jo hyun jae (@jo_hyunjae) on

Caption (from Instagram): 8월5일 첫방!!기대해주세요^^ 굿나잇~♡
English translation: Will premiere on August 5!! Please look forward [to watching]. Goodnight!


The photo below was posted on JHJ’s Instagram and Weibo accounts, but not on FB.

Caption (Instagram): 오늘 예고편이 나왔네요~고생하는 스탭분들 최고입니다!! 앞으로 많은 관심과 사랑 부탁드립니다.
English translation: From today’s trailer. The hard-working staff are the best!! I look forward to your love and interest.

For his Weibo post, JHJ posted just 1 message for all 5 photos. JHJ began his message with the Chinese greeting “大家好!” or “Hello, everyone!”. The body of the message is in Korean, then JHJ ended the message in English with “Good night!”
Original message: 大家好! 안녕하세요, 잘 지내시나요? 한국은 너무 덥네요. 최근에 드라마 촬영중입니다. 8월5일에 첫방이에요! 그리고 인스타그램 시작했어요. 종종 사진 올리니 혹시 오실수 있으면 인스타그램에도 놀러오세요^^ 감사합니다!! good night~♡
English translation: Hello, everyone! How are you? It is very hot right now in Korea. I am currently filming a drama. It will premiere on August 5. I also started Instagram. I will try to post photos as often as possible, perhaps you might want to hang out with us on Instagram also. Thank you. Good night.


Credit: https://www.facebook.com/johyunjaehttp://www.weibo.com/zhaoxianzaihttps://instagram.com/jo_hyunjae/



2 thoughts on “Jo Hyun Jae on Facebook, Weibo and Instagram, 2015.07.29

  1. So happy to know that our jhj is now more active in social media….i hope to see more of him this coming days…and its also because of him i have my instagram account now…

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