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Housewife Detective: Updates as of January 20, 2017

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I have created this thread to post updates about Jo Hyun Jae‘s latest drama, “Housewife Detective”. The updates I will post here are those which are too short to merit one whole blog entry. Updates will be posted with the most recent at the top.


January 20, 2017

Update #1: Jang Nara and Chansung (of boy band 2PM) finally confirm their participation in the drama “Housewife Detective” (Source).

Jang Nara will play Myung Yoojin, a single mom raising her only child by herself after her husband’s death. She will become an assistant to Han Hee Joon, a self-declared genius detective. Han Hee Joon will be played by Chansung.

Update #2: The drama begins filming in January 2017. However, no broadcast network has been chosen yet.


January 15, 2017

Update #1: Jo Hyun Jae’s manager posted a message on the Carpe Diem/CAFE website (Carpe Diem is JHJ’s official fans’ club)

Message in Korean:
안녕하세요 HB엔터테인먼트 조현재 매니저입니다
2017년 정유년 첫 시작을 좋은 소식과 함께 전해드려 기쁘네요.
조현재 선배님이 열혈주부 명탐정에 캐스팅 되어 2017년 첫 작품활동을 시작하게 되었습니다.
팬클럽 여러분들의 많은 응원 부탁드리며
저도 조금이나마 시간이 날때마다 현장의 분위기나 사진이나 소식들을 팬카페에 올리도록 하겠습니다.

Chinese translation (courtesy of Chinese fan Mimi):

English translation:
Hello this is HB Entertainment Jo Hyun Jae’s manager.
I am happy to share with you the first good news for 2017.
Jo Hyun Jae has been cast in the drama “Hot-blooded Housewife Detective” and he has already started his first work activity for 2017.
Thank you for your continued support.
I will post updates, pictures and news on this site every time I get the chance.
Thank you.


Update #2: Actor Lee Min Ho (the one born in 1993 who played the young Jung Il Woo in the drama “Moon Embraces the Sun”) is confirmed to be joining the drama. (Source 1Source 2)

Character name and description: 극중 이민호는 15년형을 구형 받고 가석방으로 7년만에 세상에 나오게 된 소매치기 전과자 황철민 역을 맡아 이전과는 다른 모습으로 대중들을 찾을 예정이다. 그는 차가운 감옥에서 참회와 악몽의 반복으로 시간을 보내며 출소 후 자신이 가장 아끼는 가족을 지키기 위해 어쩔 수 없는 선택을 하는 캐릭터로 등장한다.

Chinese translation (c/o Mimi):李敏豪,确定出演《热血主妇名侦探》,变身为小偷 剧中,李敏豪出演获15年有期徒刑,时隔七年获假释出狱,有扒窃前科的黄哲敏角色,将和以往不同的形象与大众见面。他是在冰冷的监狱里,以忏悔和噩梦的反复度日,出狱后为守护自己最心爱的家人,做出不得已选择的角色。(Source 3)

English translation: In the drama, Lee Min Ho will play Hwang Cheol Min, a convicted thief/snatcher who served prison time and paroled after 7 years. He spent his time in the cold prison having nightmares and repenting. He appears to be a character who has to make unavoidable choices to protect his family whom he loves so much.


Credit: English translations by Prissymom



2 thoughts on “Housewife Detective: Updates as of January 20, 2017

  1. I am so thrilled to know the comeback of Hyung Jo Hyun Jae but a lil bit sad for the fact that he is playing supporting role on this drama. He deserves better than being a supporting role.

    Regardless, I am still supporting the drama. He’s the reason why I watch KDramas all these times. It’s been 12 years and my support for him will never waver.

    Thank you for the update.

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