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Hello, Jo Hyun Jae fans!  I am Prissymom, owner of this site.  Welcome to my JHJ blog!
I named this blog SIMPLY JO HYUN JAE because this blog is solely devoted to South Korean actor Jo Hyun Jae
I will admit that I do not know Korean, Japanese or Chinese – the 3 languages in which JHJ materials are mostly written.  My English translations are made using Google Translate.  If there are any errors in my translation, I would appreciate if you would correct me.  But please do it gently because I am a bit sensitive. 😀
I started this blog because I wanted to help JHJ fans who cannot understand Korean but can understand English to get to know him a little better. JHJ is known for being shy and for being a very private person. That is why when he is not filming a drama or movie he disappears from the limelight, only making rare public appearances to show support for showbiz friends during special events in their lives (e.g. weddings, movie premieres, fashion shows, etc.) Hopefully, with the help of the various articles in the blog you will have a better understanding of the shy (and almost reclusive) JHJ.
You can post questions or comments anywhere in the blog since I always get notification when a new comment is posted. You have to register before you can post comments on this blog.
You can also send me messages through…
Email: johyunjaelove@gmail.com.
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/johyunjae198059 
You can send messages directly to JHJ through his official FB page.  For other ways to send messages to JHJ please visit JHJ’s Profile page on this blog.
Happy exploring!


BGM Information:
Song title: Even If I Live Just One Day (Hangul: 단 하루를 살아도 / Romaja: Dan Harureul Sarado)
Singer: Jo Hyun Jae (“49 Days” OST)
Lyrics at this link.



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  1. Hello, I am new on your site. I randomly discovered it through GOOGLE. I been a fangirl of JHJ for a long time although I left the fandom for a little awhile due to other things. However, I came back because of the lovely drama called Su Baek Hyang. Honestly, I didn’t know that he was even in it. I discovered the the show through Wikipedia oddly enough. I was in a weird mood to watch some Korean historical dramas and for some strange reason I was drawn to watch Su Baek Hyang. I already knew that Seo Woo was in it and I liked her from Tamra the island so I decided to give the show a go and later I found out that Hyun Jae Oppa was in it. It was a pleasant surprise. I just finished the show but I think I fell in love with Hyun Jae Oppa again.

    This made me want to search for a site where I can be in the midst of other JHJ fans so I can brag about how awesome he is. So here I am on this site which looks pretty awesome. Would you be kind enough to be my JHJ fan buddy?

    • Welcome back to JHJ world! Of course, I can be your JHJ fan buddy. 😀

      If you have an FB account, you can also join me and other JHJ fans there. This blog is more a repository of JHJ articles, which I then share with other JHJ fans on FB. We are more active in FB. My FB account is https://www.facebook.com/johyunjae198059

      But if you don’t have an FB account, then by all means post as much as you want here, and we can fangirl over JHJ to our hearts’ content. 😀

  2. Lovely! Thanks for willing to become my HYUN JAE OPPA fan buddy! The reason why I wanted to make sure if this was okay is because some bloggers that are fans of certain Korean celebrities can be a bit cold. Meaning, they are strictly business….Which is a bit sad.

    I do have a FB account so I will join for sure but at the same time I might habitually post here as well. It seems like you are okay with it so that’s pretty cool….

    I was the biggest fangirl for JHJ handful of years ago;. I think I became a fan because of Ballad of Seodong. But I first saw him from a movie called Untold Scandal. I remember him looking so young then. However, when I saw him from Su Baek Hyang I was in shock. Our Hyun Jae oppa looks good still but he didn’t look super young like before.

    What got you into Hyun Jae oppa anyways?

    • I discovered JHJ when “Love Letter” aired in the Philippines in 2004, but it was only in 2008 when I became an active JHJ fan.

      I think in KDSBH, Hyun Jae’s styling (especially his hairstyle) made him look more mature than his real age. When he is wearing modern, casual clothes and when he is wearing a fringe he looks younger than his real age.

      Btw, have you watched “49 Days”? Many JHJ fans love him in that drama as well.

      • Oh really? I have seen it awhile back. Honestly I forgot about Hyun Jae oppa for awhile since I kinda got int other Korean male celebs….

        I really liked ONLY YOU and BALLAD OF SEODONG. I remember I was even a part of the official JHJ fanclub on this Korean site. However, I forgot my password so I haven’t been able to keep up.

        Watching Su Baek Hyang brought me back memories from the Ballad of Seodong days. I was really young back then. I was like 20 when I became a JHJ fangirl.

        I remember sending a gift to JHJ when I was part of the Korean fanclub. I even befriended some of them. The fan club was going to the filming site of Ballad of Seodong and I managed to get someone to a messanger for me.

        And the woman that delivered my gift to Hyun Jae Oppa loved it apprently. Thinking about it he is like the only one I sent a gift to out of all the Korean male celebs I had a crush on.

        Sorry for all the bragging. Being a part of he JHJ fansite brings me back memories of my past activities.

        Btw, Love Letter was a good show, I loved it. It would be cool if he can come to LOS ANGELES. That’s where I am from but he goes to Japan and China a lot.

        Where you from if you don’t mind me asking?

      • I like Hyun Jae oppa’s style. First of all he is not so flashy like some Korean male celeb. Flashy is cool for a short while but you get tired of it.

        I really like the way JHJ dresses. He has style and he makes it his own. He kinda looks like a boy or oppa next door with class.

        Btw, his smile killed me while watching Su Baek Hyang. I loved him as Myongnong. Sorry if I am writing too many messages. I think it’s cus it’s been a few years since I actively spoke about our oppa~!

      • It’s ok to post many comments. I tend to talk a lot also when Hyunjae is the topic 😀

        I like his style as well. Very simple and natural. Maybe that’s why his latest pictorial with KWave magazine didn’t go overly well with some fans because they put too much make-up on him…

        The director of Su Baek Hyang also said that Hyunjae looks like a boy when he first saw him… and Hyunjae was already 34 when they first met in 2013… 😀

        I live in the Philippines.

      • Philippines, I have many pnay and pnoy friends~ and i remember handful of them watching K-dramas but they were fans of someone other than JHJ.

        I don’t know any JHJ fans in the US. However, they are more into musicians like Super Junior, Exo and Shinee. Jang Geun Seuk seems to be popular out here and Kim Soo Hyun but no Hyun Jae Oppa fan…..

        Is JHJ popular in the Philippines? I know he has quite a fanbase in Japan and China.

        I love the way JHJ smiles. He has a very pretty smile. Its almost childlike. I can’ t believe he isn’t married, considering his age.

        Well he is surrounded by women in his family. Since it’s his mom and two older sisters.

        Has he ever visited he Philippines? I bet you would be super happy if he went for a fan meeting in Manila.

        I doubt that he will ever come to LA since he has no fan base out here.

        I had super fun watching SU BAEK HYANG. I was so surprised to see JHJ on the show.

        What time is it over there anyways? You are so far away that the time gap is probably huge.

        Have you seen Untold scandal? JHJ was like 23 in that film but looked so innocent. I remember reading that he is ultra shy so shooting untold scandal was challanging for him. I heard that he has to rehearse a lot when it comes to kissing scenes.

        I don’t see him much in variety shows. He seems like the strong silent type~

      • He has many fans in the Philippines, but not very organized yet unlike his fans in Korea, Japan and China. He visited the Philippines in 2003 or 2004 for a photoshoot when he was still endorsing a clothing brand. At that time I wasn’t following him yet so I never got the chance to stalk him. 😀

        I do not know about the LA area, but I do believe he has many fans in the US. In fact, according to my blog’s stats US is #1 country of origin of visitors to the blog.

        Yes, I have seen Untold Scandal. I love him in that movie. Indeed, he looks so innocent.

        But his kissing has improved a lot already, as you have seen in Su Baek Hyang. I was really surprised!

        JHJ said that he is not really comfortable in variety shows. But when he is promoting a drama, he makes the effort. And he can be quite funny in an innocent kind of way. His last variety show appearance was in Happy Together in 2013.

      • You are right. In Su Baek Hyang him kissing Solan was pretty natural. It didn’t com off forced or trying too hard.

        I remember in Only you his kissing seemed less natural. He was still fairly new as an actor so I guess he was learning the ropes.

        Like you said in Su Baek Hyang it seemed pretty real unlike his older shows. He has been acting for quite some time so it makes sense.

        Oh wow, I didn’t know that JHJ had a fanbase in the US. However no fan meeting yet.

        JHJ as even in a boyband at the very beginning. I still cannot believe that he was in a boy band. He is a good singer, nice voice. I love his deep talking voice. I can just melt listening to his deep voice.

        It’s so cool that you have a fansite dedicated to JHJ in English. Right now I am going through all the sections and reading a lot of materials; old and new.

        You could say that I am kinda catching up because I haven’t been involved with JHJ stuff for awhile.

        Does Hyun Jae oppa have a girlfriend? I would be surprised if he doesn’t have one by now….

      • “Does Hyun Jae oppa have a girlfriend?” Fans always ask me this question. 😀

        As far as I know, JHJ has no GF yet. But then, he doesn’t like talking about his private life, so he might have a GF but just doesn’t talk about her publicly.

      • True. I don’t think he is into scandals and stuff. Some celebs they purposely create these kinds of subject matter to get all the fans excited; negative or positive. It’s called publicity. However, JHJ doesn’t like that kind of attention.

        He seems rather mature while being a little childlike. I think this is why I never forgot him completely.

      • Awww, you described him perfectly! That is how I see him as well. His thinking is very mature, but his heart is child-like (not childish!). It is such a rare combination.

  3. This is why Hyun Jae oppa was my longest crush for male Korean celeb….There is something so classy about him but yet mature and CHILDLIKE. There is a difference between childlike and childish.

    I don’t mean to compare but there are a lot of childish male Korean celebs. Even men that are his age. Well, JHJ always came off mature, even when I first saw him.

    You are so right. His mentality or the way thinks is very adult while he has a childlike heart. I remember seeing a childhood photo of him, it’s so cute. I think it was a picture with him and his little puppy…I read somewhere some years ago that he loves dogs but doesn’t really like cats…..

  4. Wow…… Oppa is a reli great dude i so love his actin in Nine Tailed Fox……. Wich 2 see more of ur actions oppa…. Lots of love lol

    • This is JHJ’s latest mailing address:

      c/o HB Entertainment
      6F HB Building
      627-17 Shinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu
      Seoul, South Korea 135-895

  5. Hi Jae,
    I just saw one of your movies “The Sunshine Of Love” that you starred with Song Hye Kyo. I think that you were pretty great in that movie and that your future would be very promising.

    Best of luck,

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