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King’s Daughter: Episodes 93 and 98 – Is it easier to forget than to remember?

King's Daughter fanmade poster37King's Daughter fanmade poster35

by Lee Jeong Ha

I thought forgetting
was easier
than remembering

No need to exert effort
as time passes by
I thought I would eventually forget

I have to remember
to forget

But it is strange
As the years passed
the more I try to forget
something became more clear

Until the day I die I cannot cut
the strings of my bond
with you

Myeong Nong Ep 93-05

by 이정하
잊는 것이
기억 하는 것보다
더 쉬운 줄 알았다
굳이 애쓰지 않아도
시간만 가면 자연스레
잊혀질 줄 알았다
정작 기억하고 있어야
할것까지잘 잊고
마는 나였기에
그런데 이상한 일이다
세월이 흐르면 흐를수록
잊으려 하면 할수록
더 선명하게 떠오르는 것이 있었으니
죽을 때까지 놓을 수 없는
내 인연의 끈이여

Myeong Nong Ep 93-025

The posters and pictures above are from episode 93.  To a casual observer Crown Prince Myeong Nong is just practicing his sword-fighting skills.  But actually, aside from honing his sword-fighting skills, our Crown Prince is trying very hard to forget Seolnan.  However, a glimpse into his mind tells us that he is not doing a good job of it. Later in episode 98, while the Crown Prince is giving Seolnan a piggyback ride, he tells Seolnan honestly that he cannot forget her.  He even adds bluntly that he knows that Seolnan cannot forget him either.

People say that it is easier to forget than to remember, that eventually things and people (whether good or bad) will fade from our memory.  I think for the most part this is true. However, there are just some events or people whom we cannot forget no matter how hard we try.  In fact, in some cases the opposite happens. Instead of forgetting these events or people as time goes by, they become more vivid in our minds.

Note:  I found the poem “Oblivion” by Lee Jeong Ha posted on DC/SBH.  It is originally written in Korean. It is a beautiful poem, short, simple, poignant.

Myeong Nong Ep 98-05King's Daughter fanmade poster43


Credit:  Posters from DC/SBH; photos from Ojik @ Naver.  Thanks!


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