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Housewife Detective: Updates as of January 26, 2017


Apologies to everyone – I have been remiss in my duty of updating you about the goings-on in “Housewife Detective”. Anyway, here are the things that have occurred in JHJ’s latest drama since my last update.


January 17, 2017Showbiz Korea reported on the participation of Jo Hyun Jae and Hong Soo Ah in “Housewife Detective”.  Link to the video below. The report begins at around 1:50. The report is already in English, so no need to translate anymore.


For those who need the transcript, here it is:

Actors Jo Hyun Jae and Hong Soo Ah are set to work together in a new drama temporarily titled “Hot-blooded Housewife”. This production is a comedy that tells the story of a housewife living an ordinary life when she suddenly becomes an assistant detective, creating much frenzy.

Jo Hyun Jae showed chill-inducing acting in the drama “Yongpal” and he will act as Cha Jae Hoon, a busy prosecutor who investigates various crime cases. Many are looking forward to his acting transformation as he will take on a manly character.

Hong Soo Ah has been very busy over in China and she is returning to the Korean small screen after 4 years. She takes on the role of Park Min Joo who is from an affluent family but is very warm-hearted and always helps those in need.

The new drama “Hot-blooded Housewife” with Jo Hyun Jae and Hong Soo Ah will be aired simultaneously in Korea and overseas this year so we will keep you posted!

Here are some screen captures from the video:

jhj-hd-04 jhj-hd-02 jhj-hd-03


January 20 – The cast and production team had their first script reading and rehearsal. The photo of JHJ at the top of this blog entry was taken during the script reading. Below are additional photos:

Japanese fan Hiromi placed a red heart near where JHJ is seated – caught in the act of drinking water 😀


jhj-hd-01a jhj-hd-01c jhj-hd-01e


January 23 – Start filming. No pictures yet of JHJ filming, but I have already seen pictures of Jang Nara.



Additional information

These 2 actors will be working closely with JHJ’s Cha Jae Hoon:

Actor #1: Kim Ki Do will play the role of an investigator assisting Prosecutor Cha Jae Hoon. He will be the cheerful sidekick to Prosecutor Cha’s serious persona.


Actor #2:  Sorry, I don’t have the actor’s name yet. He will play the boss of an underworld organization (a crime boss) who will provide big help to Prosecutor Cha.



Additional information provided by Chinese fan Mimi on JHJ Baidu

  • Filming will be from January to March 2017

  • The drama will have only 10 episodes


Credit: English translations by Prissymom



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