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Jo Hyun Jae on Instagram, May 15 – June 15, 2016

Hi, everyone! I have been busy taking care of some personal concerns that is why I have been unable to update the blog for the past few months. In any case, I am back… for now.
Before I begin posting photos/videos from Jo Hyun Jae’s IG account, let me share this photo from the IG account of Hyun Jae’s eldest sister.
The photo was posted very early this year, on January 25. When I first saw this photo a few months ago I didn’t realize its significance because the caption didn’t say much. I had the chance to look at the photo again this week, and in the comments section I found out that it is quite important. I will translate to English the relevant comments…
Commenter #1: Are you okay?
Commenter #2: What is ailing you? I wish you will get well soon.
Hyun Jae’s sister: Not me, but Mom! She broke her arm, so she underwent surgery today. The surgery went well. Hoping she will get better soon.
My comment: That was 10 months ago already, so I hope Hyun Jae’s mom’s arm healed well.
A request: please don’t flood the photo with comments. I think JHJ’s sister is a bit shy. The last time she posted on her IG a photo of Hyun Jae with their niece Eugene, JHJ fans flooded the photo with comments. The next day, when I checked her IG again, the photo wasn’t there anymore. I think she is not used to too much attention, so maybe she felt uncomfortable when so many strangers suddenly posted comments on her account.


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Below are JHJ’s posts starting on May 15…
Caption: 문어야 안녕~🐙 Hello!
Hashtags: #비오는날 (rainy day) #주말 (weekend) #문어 (octopus) #🍺

May 29
Caption: 날씨좋다~^^ (the weather is good)
Hashtags: #산책 (walking) #운동 (exercise) #일요일 (Sunday)
#바람 분다 (wind is blowing) #시원하다 ~ (cool)

날씨좋다~^^ #산책#운동 #일요일 #바람 분다 #시원하다 ~

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The next 2 pictures are from June 8 and 15. These are BTS photos from JHJ’s Arena magazine photo shoot and interview.
Caption: 화보촬영 ~^^ (photo shoot)
Hashtags: #아레나 (Arena) #arena #homme #화보 (pictorial) #인터뷰 (interview)

화보촬영 ~^^ #아레나 #arena #homme #화보 #인터뷰

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Caption: 시원한 저녁.. (cool evening)

시원한 저녁..

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Here are copies of the above posts:



Credit: https://www.instagram.com/jo_hyunjae/


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