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Jo Hyun Jae on Instagram, 2015.11.26

그동안 잘있었니!??^^ 눈이오네요 #첫눈 #추워 #설레임 #❤

A post shared by 조 현재. jo hyun jae (@jo_hyunjae) on

After 2 weeks of silence Jo Hyun Jae finally showed his handsome face yesterday, November 26, by posting the above photo on his Instagram account.
Caption for the photo:
Are you having a good time??^^
Here comes the snow
Hashtags: ‪#‎첫눈‬ (First snow) ‪#‎추워‬ (it is cold) ‪#‎설레임‬ (anticipation/excitement) #❤



Credit: JHJ’s IG account @ https://instagram.com/jo_hyunjae/

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