Drama (2003.02): Love Letter

Jo Hyun Jae started the family tree for pretty flower boy priests

Love Letter Andrea 41 Love Letter Andrea 36 Love Letter Andrea 24

The article is actually a promotional material for actor Kang Dong Won’s (KDW) movie in which he plays a priest. In the article the reporter notes there are 2 other Korean actors who played priest before KDW, namely: Jo Hyun Jae and Kwon Sang Woo (KSW). We just translated the part about Jo Hyun Jae.
Before we proceed with the article, here are some Korean words that Jenny Park translated for us. The first column is the word in Hangul, then the word’s Romaja version, and lastly, the word’s English equivalent.
여심 = yeosim/yeoshim = woman’s heart
여 = yeo = woman
심 = sim/shim = heart or core
심쿵 = simkung/shimkung = heartbeat
심 = sim/shim = heart
쿵 = kung = beat/thud/thump
사제복 = sajebok = priest’s robes, soutane, cassock
English translation of the article is by Jenny Park. Thank you! Edited by Prissymom.
Article title: “Attack on women’s heart complete”…. Actors who set hearts beating with their transformation upon wearing priest’s robes.
[XportsNews = Park So Hyun, Reporter] 2015.11.13 07:00
Title of the segment on Jo Hyun Jae: Before Kang Dong Won came along there was a priest named Andrea.
Actually, even before KDW came into the scene, the start of the pretty flower boy priest all began with the MBC drama “Love Letter” with the priest Andrea played by actor Jo Hyun Jae. Through “Love Letter”, which aired in 2003, Jo Hyun Jae joined the ranks of lead actors in dramas.
Back then Jo Hyun Jae played the role of Lee Woo Jin, and interacted with actors Soo Ae and Ji Jin Hee. He showed off his charm as the softhearted priest named Andrea. His handsome good looks set women’s hearts a-flutter back then. Jo Hyun Jae opened up the family tree for pretty flower boy priests.
Below are some reactions posted by Korean netizens about Jo Hyun Jae as the priest Andrea. These comments also received many “likes”.
Korean to Chinese translation by ドラミ1987 from JHJ/Baidu @ http://tieba.baidu.com/p/4158307396. Thanks! Chinese to English translation by Prissymom.
Comment #1:
“Love Letter” is a classic in the minds of many people. Many people consider Jo Hyun Jae’s portrayal of the priest Andrea in “Love Letter” as one of his best roles.
When the name Jo Hyun Jae is mentioned, the first thing that comes to people’s mind is the priest Andrea from “Love Letter”.
If you ask Jo Hyun Jae fans which among his works is his best, most of them will answer Andrea in “Love Letter”.
Comment #2:
I watched the drama “Love Letter” and everyone who watched it at that time said that the soutane is really well-suited for Jo Hyun Jae. It is really a well-made drama.
Comment #3:
KDW, of course, is beautiful, but among actors who played priest, I consider Jo Hyun Jae as a legend in this area with his portrayal of the priest Andrea. When I saw Jo Hyun Jae playing priest, for the first time I felt that a man wearing a soutane can be so beautiful.
Comment #4:
Father Andrea’s eyes are crystal clear and kind. Unfortunately, in his last drama he played villain. However, I still support Jo Hyun Jae.
Comment #5:
Andrea of “Love Letter” played by Jo Hyun Jae. At that time, he is the epitome of the image of first love and a pure-hearted man. Seeing his photos reminded me of that time.^^
Comment #6:
Andrea… 2003… really good… how fast time flies…
Comment #7:
Although KDW looks good in a soutane, but the priest Andrea in “Love Letter” is the best. Jo Hyun Jae’s gentle image is really flawless (seamless) for the priest role.
Comment #8:
Andrea is the best. ^^
Comment #9:
Yes, that is right. When I see Jo Hyun Jae, my heart beats excessively. Originally he portrayed good guy roles, unfortunately, in “Yongpal”  he played a villain, which is really inappropriate. I hope he will hurry and return to portraying handsome characters again.


My comment: Jo Hyun Jae is peerless when it comes to the priest role. Any other Korean actor who came before him and comes after Hyunjae as a priest will always pale in comparison.
Love Letter Andrea 100a

Kang Dong Won, Jo Hyun Jae and Kwon Sang Woo

Love Letter Andrea 101

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