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Jo Hyun Jae on Instagram, 2015.10.27


Jo Hyun Jae posted the above photo in the wee hours of the morning today in his Instagram account. It is a picture of Joo Won with his co-stars in the movie “It Is That Bastard” (Hangul: 그놈이다  / Romaja: Geunom-ida) which had its VIP movie premiere yesterday evening.  (Thanks to Jenny Park for the literal translation of the title of the movie.)
Caption: I went to the movie premiere of the movie “It Is That Bastard”. Please give the movie a lot of love. Joo Won-i, fighting! Yongpal-i, fighting!
Hashtags: #주원 (Joo Won)  #그놈이다 (It’s that bastard)  #용팔이 (Yongpal-i)  #조현재 (Jo Hyun Jae)  #화이팅💪 (Fighting!)


Comment: Awww, our Hyunjae is such a sweetheart. ❤
Below is a photo of Hyunjae taken during the photo op before the premiere began. I am having difficulty with my internet connection, it has been intermittent since last night, hence I am having difficulty downloading Hyunjae’s pictures from the event. So, let us just make do with this one photo I managed to copy.

JHJ Bastard premiere 2015.10.27-1


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