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Jo Hyun Jae Post-Yongpal Interview (37) – “I did whatever I wanted after the drama was over.”

JHJ Post YP Int-98

Below is just an extract from the original article since most of the contents of the original are similar to previous articles in this series. I just extracted the parts that haven’t been mentioned yet in previous articles.
[BS TODAY Kim Sang Hyun Reporter] 2015-10-12  8:34:45
“I did whatever I wanted after “Yongpal” was over.”
The weather was clear last October 5 when we met with actor Jo Hyun Jae at a cafe in Chungdam, Gangnam, Seoul. And just like the clear weather, his face is as bright and sunny as well. This interview was held for the SBS drama “Yongpal” that just finished recently. Jo Hyun Jae said that he was able to do all kinds of things that he couldn’t do while he was filming.
Jo Hyun Jae said, “I pretty much ate everything that I wanted. I even had late night snacks on top of all the things I have eaten during the day. I ate a lot of chimaek as well.”
Editor: Chimaek stands for chicken + maekju (Korean word for beer). Chimaek is very popular among Koreans.
He looked very bright as if he has been unchained from a life of celibacy. “I was so busy that I couldn’t even eat anything that I really wanted. Of course, the bigger reason to this was because it’s harder to let my guard down when I’m working. Since I always have to prepare myself during work, so I needed to keep my weight in control and focus heavily on that. After all my work was done I was able to do whatever I desired with ease.”


JHJ Post YP Int-97 JHJ Post YP Int-99


Credit: Photo as labelled. English translation by Jenny Park. Thanks! Editing by Prissymom. English translation is not verbatim.

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