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Jo Hyun Jae Post-Yongpal Interview (34) – JHJ talks about a bloody emergency situation while filming

JHJ Post YP Int-86

Article Title: Jo Hyun Jae talks about an emergency situation while filming where there was blood all over the place.
[Sports Today Kim Ye Seul Reporter] 2015.10.10 15:47
Jo Hyun Jae admitted to how he became close to actor Choi Byung Mo.
On October 5 at a cafe in Nonhyun, Gangnam, Seoul we interviewed actor Jo Hyun Jae who was part of the SBS drama “Yongpal” which ended recently.
On this day Jo Hyun Jae was asked about how close he is to Choi Byung Mo who played his secretary and with whom he had the most scenes in the drama. He said, “I was the most comfortable with him and the one I became closest to out of my co-actors in the drama. Even when we were filming we were more like Big Brother and Little Brother. He also talked to me like we were old friends.”
Jo Hyun Jae said, “There was a scene where I threw a glass cup at Choi Byung Mo. It was a fake glass but somehow there was a hard piece from it that hit Choi Byung Mo at a critical spot, then suddenly there was blood all over the place. We shot that scene twice but we had no choice but to film half of that later.” He explained the behind-the-scene story regarding Choi Byung Mo’s injury.
Jo Hyun Jae continued by saying, “I felt so bad that I told him I would treat him out to eat to make up for it somehow. I took a look at his head and he got about 6 stitches. Even then he was still able to smile afterwards.  That’s how we became close. I felt apologetic and I admit that I missed him when we stopped filming together. I think it was because he was practically next to me most of the time while filming the drama.”
Meanwhile, Jo Hyun Jae was in the SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama “Yongpal” (written by Jang Hyuk Rin and directed by Oh Jin Seok) where he played the role of Han Do Jun. To fulfill his ambitions he commits all kinds of atrocities towards his younger sister and other people around him. Jo Hyun Jae made a great impression with his first turn as a villain and has been receiving compliments for his great performance.
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Credit: Photo as labelled. English translation by Jenny Park. Thanks! Editing by Prissymom. English translation is not verbatim.

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