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Jo Hyun Jae Post-Yongpal Interview (29) – “I want to do more but I feel like I can spare myself a little bit and be more relaxed about work”

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Article Title: Jo Hyun Jae said, “As I am in my 30s, I still feel thirsty as an actor and want to do more but I feel like I can spare myself a little bit and be more relaxed about work.”
There is a saying that if you invest 10,000 hours of your time or 10 years of your life you can become an expert in your field of work. But this does not seem to apply to actors. The reason is the more actors act, the more their passion and thirst for acting increase. As Jo Hyun Jae is in his 30s and with his acting debut 16 years ago, he feels more thirsty the more he acts.
“In my 20s I just worked mindlessly without being able to even take a break. I am more thirsty about my work in my 30s. When I went to the military and when I moved to a different management agency although I wanted to focus and do what I love, I wasn’t able to because of certain circumstances. This is the reason why I am even more thirsty for acting now.”
“In my 20s I was the head of the household, I was too young and lacking in the ability to express myself as an actor. As I was approaching my 30s I was able to think more about acting. In the future I want to be able to present different images through the different characters I will portray. I want to be able to think more about those characters while I enjoy what I do at the same time. I feel more thirsty about acting now than before, but at the same time, I am a bit more relaxed regarding my work.”
“Compared to when I was younger, I want to be able to meet the public with clear-cut types of characters now. I want to be able to show the public a more confident image. When I was in my 20s and when things were hectic for me I should have enjoyed myself a bit more with my work. But since I was still young back then, I didn’t have the attitude to just take it easy. Nowadays, I have fun working and I always look forward to going to the filming sites and work.”
Jo Hyun Jae challenged himself as a villain character in the SBS drama “Yongpal” which ended not too long ago. There were people who said, “What? Jo Hyun Jae as the villain?” Many people showed concern also. But now that the drama is over, people who used to see Jo Hyun Jae only as an actor with an upright and nice image has finally disappeared.
“It was interesting and fun to be able to act as a character that I haven’t done before. With my next work I want to try something different again instead of just doing the things I have done before. I would love to encounter new kinds of characters.”
“As an actor I haven’t had a chance to play many different kinds of characters so there’s so much left for me to do. Personally, I love action genres and things that are a bit on the manly side, like French noir. There are still many roles for me to do, right? With the villain character that I played this time, a lot of folks were concerned with this decision. That is why I am so happy when people reacted positively to my performance. Because of that I want to challenge myself even more. I want to go into adventures where I would be able to show another version of actor Jo Hyun Jae. All the things that I didn’t get the chance to present in the past would be okay for me to consider now.”
Through Jo Hyun Jae’s challenge playing the villain, he has widened his acting spectrum bit by bit. We don’t know how he will reveal himself next so we are all looking forward to that.
“Since I have already acted as a villain, I am thinking that I could try another type of character in the future. However, I know that I won’t be cast into whatever I want just like that. I think there is some kind of fate and connection with this kind of stuff. I am really curious what will come my way in the future.”
“Even if I hear some light compliments like, “Oh I think it’s so fun and interesting whenever Jo Hyun Jae comes on” that would be a great happiness for me already. It’s a big deal for me even if in passing someone says, “If Jo Hyun Jae comes on then I am going to watch him”. I want to be an actor who hears those kinds of compliments. Am I an actor who can be trusted with whatever kind of role? I am working towards those things.”
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Credit: Photo as labelled. English translation by Jenny Park. Thanks! Editing by Prissymom. English translation is not verbatim.

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