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Jo Hyun Jae on Instagram, 2015.10.18-20

I know I am so late in posting these photos, but I have been busy…
Jo Hyun Jae posted the above photo in his Instagram account last October 20.
Caption for the above photo: Chicken days!?^^
Hashtags: #조현재 (Jo Hyun Jae) #류진 형님 (Ryujin hyungnim or older brother Ryujin) #내가좋아하는 (I like) #치킨 (chicken) #daily #goodday #👍
JHJ is saying that he likes to eat chicken everyday. 😀
The guy in the picture with Hyunjae is actor Ryujin, who played Giroo in “Seodong Yo” (2005-2006).


The photo below was posted by Hyunjae last October 18. The photo shows Bok-i who seems to be sleeping under the glass-topped coffee table. Hyunjae is like a doting Dad to his baby. 😀
Caption: JB ~ young days
Hashtags: #말티즈 (maltese) #애견 (dog) #귀여워 (cute) #♡

Jb ~리즈시절^^ #말티즈 #애견 #귀여워 #♡

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