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Jo Hyun Jae Post-Yongpal Interview (24) – NewsAde Video Interview

JHJ Post YP Int-49

Below is Jo Hyun Jae‘s video interview with NewsAde. English transcript of the interview follows after the video. English translation by Jenny Park. Thank you very much!


> About “Yongpal”.
JHJ: “Yongpal” is really a fun drama, and please do watch it again.
(To the production team) You guys have worked really hard to make it happen.
> About Kim Tae Hee.
JHJ: She is evil? kekekeke
> About my hobby.
JHJ: I like to work out, go to the gym, and I also like to go hiking.
> About actual personality.
JHJ: I am a warm and tenderhearted person.
> About being a flower boy.
JHJ: (He stutters a little bit at the beginning) Ummm, I would love to be a flower boy. 😀
> The most precious starring role.
JHJ: The “Nodong Yo”. I worked so hard filming this show.
Editor: The real title of the drama is “Seodong Yo”. Hyunjae’s reply is a wordplay. Instead of saying “seodongyo” he said “nodongyo”. “Nodong Yo” translates to English as “Labor Ballad of Seodong” or “Labor Yo”.
“Nodong Yo” was the moniker the cast and crew of “Seodong Yo” gave the drama when they were filming it back in 2005-2006. Filming the drama was so difficult they felt they were slaves/prisoners working in a slave labor camp. Hyunjae used the wordplay to let the audience know just how hard it was to shoot that drama.
> About Han Do Jun.
JHJ: He is a bad guy? HeHe.
> As an actor.
JHJ: Being an actor is very precious to me and it’s like a business card that’ll get me to places?
> About this villain role.
JHJ: I am very thankful that I was able to meet a villain character this time around.
> About girl groups.
JHJ: I like Girls Generation when it comes to girl groups.
> About marriage.
JHJ: I will certainly get married before 40.
> About an ideal type of woman.
JHJ: A nice person… Is this too boring?
JHJ’s ending comment: NewsAde readers, thank you for sending me great love and support for “Yongpal”. In the future I hope that you will support Jo Hyun Jae’s new dramas and his new look a lot. I hope you will always be blessed with happiness and health. Thanks for your deep love regarding “Yongpal”. Goodbye.
Comment: Hyunjae keeps laughing during this interview. His good humor is so infectious, I can’t help but smile every time I watch the video.
Our Prince is so handsome! I know, I know, I am like a broken record. But what can I do? Hyunjae is so darn handsome! Hyunjae’s sparkling eyes are so pretty, and his smile is so sweet. Our Prince radiates happiness in the video, he is genuinely very happy at the success of his first foray into bad guy territory. 😀
Below are some gifs from the video. All gifs courtesy of DC/JHJ. Thanks!

JHJ Post YP Int-48 JHJ Post YP Int-43 JHJ Post YP Int-44 JHJ Post YP Int-45 JHJ Post YP Int-46 JHJ Post YP Int-47

JHJ Post YP Int-62 JHJ Post YP Int-50 JHJ Post YP Int-51 JHJ Post YP Int-52 JHJ Post YP Int-53 JHJ Post YP Int-54 JHJ Post YP Int-55 JHJ Post YP Int-56 JHJ Post YP Int-57 JHJ Post YP Int-58 JHJ Post YP Int-59 JHJ Post YP Int-60 JHJ Post YP Int-61


Credit: Video courtesy of NewsAde; Gifs from DC/JHJ @; English translation by Jenny Park. Thank you! Editing by Prissymom.

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