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Jo Hyun Jae Post-Yongpal Interview (22) – “I was happy to be told ‘you are a despicable bastard'”

JHJ Post YP Int-8

Full English translation by Jenny Park. Thanks!
Article title: Jo Hyun Jae said that he was very happy and content when he heard that he was such a rotten bastard and dirty.
[Herald Review Star= Jeon Yoon Hee reporter] 2015-10-07 10:19:19
Most people were worried when they heard that Jo Hyun Jae was going to play the role of Han Do Jun in his new drama “Yongpal”. How could he play such a role of the devil Han Do Jun that is cold and cruel when he has an image of a nice man? However, Jo Hyun Jae threw the worry away and became the perfect devil Han Do Jun. He made a strong impact by being able to wrap-up his first villain role since his debut.
“At first there wasn’t much information on the content of the character. There also wasn’t much going on with my character until episodes 3-4, and that part made me feel the burden. When I was in my 20s I wanted to always challenge myself by trying to play roles that were a bit fierce or even a villain. I was typecast as a proper character most of the time, but with “Yongpal” I finally got my opportunity. Truth be told, I wanted to challenge myself doing this early in my career, but everyone said that I wouldn’t be suitable to play a villain. So, I am thankful that this kind of character finally came my way.”
“Ever since I was in my 20s I always wanted to play a troublemaker or a street thug. This might be unexpected of me, but I even wanted to play a gangster of some sort. In the future if an opportunity like that comes my way then I want to dress up in my own way and meet the public. Nobody thought of me as a villain in any kind of way but I was glad because people are watching me do this. I think it’s really good for actors that play a role with a bit of character. “
There was a lot of preparation with much anticipation and burden with his first villain role. Of course, he referred to a lot of different kinds of villain characters as he kept on thinking about it again and again so he would be able to understand Han Do Jun’s situation.
“All kinds of villain characters were worthy of using as a reference. You know, there is a slightly different part that is contained in Do Jun’s character. For example, there is a lot of inferiority complex going on and also there is a part of him that wasn’t loved growing up and this makes him become more evil over time. When he was younger he had a relationship with Yeo Jin as a big brother, he cared for her and he always wanted to be good to her but he was an outcast going through such a sorrowful situation. I feel that there is a part of this character that sets it apart from other types of villains.”
“I personally did a lot of research regarding this character. I put all my heart into trying my best to act with an emotion full of evilness and malice. I thought how I could be more cruel with my facial expressions, the eyes, the tone of my voice when it comes to my lines – these are just some of the things I studied. I constantly read the script and researched a lot from it and I tried my best to be full of emotions when acting. I have seen so many people as I lived till this day and I thought that there could be people that have some part of cruelty about them. I put that into mind and I even thought about the people that I hated and this made me think that it could possibly bring out my character. This particular project made me think a lot about the parts where I could bring out the role I’m playing.”
Han Do Jun is the type of chairman that would do anything for power. He uses his subordinates when only needed and, of course, he discards them right afterwards. He even showed an inhuman side by kidnapping his younger sister Han Yeo Jin, the group’s number one successor and heiress, then he forced her into a vegetative state while he fulfills his ambition.
“The scolding about my character from fans really made me happy (smiles). They say things like: so scary, such a bad guy and how cruel. There are so many things like that, right? While I was shooting this drama I was so delighted and I told myself that it’s good to be encouraged like this. By these kinds of encouragements I feel like I am having more fun while doing this and also I think that I feel so good every time I do something bad in the drama.”
“You know, there are some things that you cannot do in your normal day to day life. You can’t just lay someone down and make them fall asleep, or use a glass cup to cut somebody’s head. You can’t just do such crazy and daring things, right? This is something that can’t happen in our real life and a way to express these parts in a dramatic fashion was so evil. As an actor, I thought that this side of things seem fresh and new.”
“Yongpal” was decided to be extended for 2 more episodes. By Han Do Jun welcoming such a horrible death and Lee Chae Young (Chae Jung An) suddenly being filled with love and passion was becoming an overkill and this made the fans cheer. Jo Hyun Jae that acted as Han Do Jun himself couldn’t help but feel bad about the show coming to a close.
“Honestly, “Yongpal” was only supposed to be a 16-episode drama and so I basically died at last. I am pretty sure that the writer has considered all kinds of things for the 2-episode extension. I personally hoped that I would appear up to the very end and I was supposed to originally make an appearance till episode 18, but I think they had to cut it short for some unknown situation. Also, I think they were pretty much in the mode of wrapping everything up (smiles).”
“It seemed that I came out as a ghost, but in actuality I appeared only in Yeo Jin’s hallucinations, but it felt like Yeo Jin was forgiving me. It is like an image of the original Do Jun appearing and Yeo Jin was laying it all down a bit? He remains as a good memory as she sends her big brother away. Then there’s a bit of an emotion where Chae Young lays down her dagger of revenge as she sees that part of Yeo Jin. However, the drama was moving too fast, when you look at it from Do Jun’s perspective there are many regrets. As for Do Jun’s character it could remain a lot of regrets but this was decided by many others, right?”
“I think they wrapped up “Yongpal” in a completely different direction. I thought that was a good thing because this allows for Yeo Jin to partly express her emotion and with that Chae Young lays down her dagger of vengeance. Wouldn’t this be the key element of it? Anyhow, they made Do Jun not put down his ambition even up to the very end so concluding it like this is a meaningful way, I think. There is a little regret for me to not be able to show myself up to the very end, though.”
[Photos= Park Pooreun Reporter]
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Comment: Even JHJ couldn’t explain clearly the direction the drama took in the end. 😀
Credit: Photo as labelled; English translation by Jenny Park. Thanks!


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