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Jo Hyun Jae Post-Yongpal Interview (17) – JHJ talks about Kim Tae Hee

Article title: Jo Hyun Jae said that it makes him feel good when people say that he and Kim Tae Hee look alike.
[Daily News Star Today Park Se Yeon, Reporter] 2015.10.05. 16:56
Actor Jo Hyun Jae gave his thoughts on interacting/acting with his colleague Kim Tae Hee whom he hasn’t worked with in a long time.
On the afternoon of October 5 at a cafe in Nonhyun, Gangnam, Seoul we interviewed actor Jo Hyun Jae regarding the drama “Yongpal” which just finished recently. During the interview Jo Hyun Jae shared his thoughts about his onscreen reunion with Kim Tae Hee whom he last worked with 10 years ago.
Jo Hyun Jae and Kim Tae Hee were in the drama “Nine-Tailed Fox” back in 2005. In that drama they shared a sad love story, then 10 years later they meet again as siblings in “Yongpal”. (Editor: Actually, “Nine-Tailed Fox” aired in 2004.)
Jo Hyun Jae said, “In “Nine-Tailed Fox” we were characters that were so in love with each other but we weren’t able to proceed with the relationship.”
The set up for “Nine-Tailed Fox” is so different from the drama “Yongpal”. Jo Hyun Jae explains, “In “Yongpal” we are in conflict with each other.”
Jo Hyun Jae said, “I have worked with her before but this was a chance where I can express myself differently and in a completely new way so I think there is something positive about us previously working together. The viewers really saw us as siblings and remembered us as such.”
Many viewers observed that Jo Hyun Jae and Kim Tae Hee resemble each other. When asked how he feels about this observation, Jo Hyun Jae said, “When they said such things like we look alike, that made me feel really good. When they say that I resemble someone that is beautiful representing Korea it’s a good thing,” he said smiling.
The role that Kim Tae Hee played in the drama was Han Yeo Jin and she was locked up for three years in the VIP area of Hanshin Hospital. She was in a comatose state and Jo Hyun Jae’s role as Han Do Jun was in conflict with her and because of this they weren’t able to see each other that much during filming. Despite all that, Jo Hyun Jae and Kim Tae Hee’s resemblance was quite intense.
Ironically, in “Yongpal” Han Do Jun’s circumstance ends up being dire. He ends up lying unconscious in the VIP room previously occupied by Yeo Jin after she has left it once she regained consciousness. Jo Hyun Jae said, “I think I can understand why the viewers felt satisfied when my character ended up in that situation.” He also said, “I think it’s unusual when the part that the viewers don’t expect appear like that.”
Jo Hyun Jae also knew that Han Do Jun was going to get punished by Yeo Jin but he didn’t know that it was going be in such a detailed way. He explained, “The script comes out a week prior to shooting so I didn’t know until I was lying down.”
Meanwhile, in “Yongpal” Jo Hyun Jae fights over his position of being the chairman of Hanshin Group and due to this he puts his half-sister Han Yeo Jin (Kim Tae Hee) into a state of coma, resorting into various nasty ways of competing with her. Jo Hyun Jae succeeded in transforming himself into the villainous character with his Han Do Jun role.
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Article title: Jo Hyun Jae said, “This is my second time meeting with Kim Tae Hee, and all we do is still greet each other and nothing more.”
[TV Report= Shinara Reporter] 2015. 10.05. 14:31
Jo Hyun Jae gave his thoughts on reuniting with actress the Kim Tae Hee.
Jo Hyun Jae has interacted with Kim Tae Hee in the drama “Nine-Tailed Fox” back in 2004. Ten years later, he reunited with her for the drama “Yongpal”.
Jo Hyun Jae was asked about his thoughts on interacting with Kim Tae Hee again and he said, “We didn’t really got to say much to each other. All we do is greet each other and nothing more.”
He continued by saying, “Ms. Kim Tae Hee was shooting with the A team while I was shooting with the B team mostly.”
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Article title: Jo Hyun Jae said, “I didn’t really talk much with Ms. Kim Tae Hee, we just simply greet each other and that’s it. We didn’t really say much to each other.”
[Osen=Jung So Yeong Reporter] 2015. 10.05. 14:03
Actor Jo Hyun Jae talked about his relationship with actress Kim Tae Hee whom he worked with in the drama “Yongpal”.
On this day, Jo Hyun Jae was asked about his reunion and relationship with the actress Kim Tae Hee whom he hasn’t seen in 10 years. He said, “We are both not talkative. Even during the “The Nine-Tailed Fox” days we just barely greeted one another. The same is still true this time around since we didn’t get to see each other that much.”
Jo Hyun Jae continued by saying, “We really didn’t have many scenes together where we could have shown our rivalry towards one another. If there was a chance to do this, we would have been able to show the viewers a lot more. For the most part we didn’t have a lot of opportunity to converse with each other. I was always shooting with the B team and Ms. Kim Tae Hee was shooting with the A team. With Joo Won it didn’t matter if he was in A or B since he had a large quantity of scenes.”
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Credit: Photos as labelled; English translation by Jenny Park. Thanks! Editing by Prissymom.

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