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Jo Hyun Jae on Instagram, 2015.10.13

Jo Hyun Jae posted the above photo on his Instagram account just an hour ago as of my posting.
Caption for the photo: With my niece Yujin
‪#‎niece‬ ‪
‪#‎조카바보‬ (silly niece, meaning uncle is going silly over niece?)
‪#‎아기‬ (baby)
‪#‎외삼촌‬ (uncle)
‪#‎조현재‬ (Jo Hyun Jae)
‪#‎용팔이‬ (Yongpal)
‪#‎한도준‬ (Han Do Jun) #😆#🙋 #❤ #✌#👍
I think Hyunjae is starting to practice how to be a daddy. 😀
The baby is the daughter of Hyunjae’s second sister. The baby’s name is Yujin (pronounced the same way as the English name “Eugene”).
When I saw the picture of Hyunjae’s niece, I can’t help but be reminded of Hyunjae’s childhood photo (see belew).
What do you think? Does Yujin take after her Uncle Hyunjae? I think they have the same serious expression. I am not sure about the eyes and the nose, but the lips seems to be the same shape as Hyunjae’s.

JHJ Instagram 2015.10.13-2


Credit: JHJ’s IG account @ https://instagram.com/jo_hyunjae/

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