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Jo Hyun Jae Post-Yongpal Interview (6) – JHJ talks about Chae Jung An

JHJ Post YP Int-12

In the articles below Jo Hyun Jae talks about actress Chae Jung An who played Lee Chae Young, the wife of JHJ’s character Han Do Jun, in their drama “Yongpal”. Note that JHJ refers to CJA as Jung An nuna (older sister Jung An).
The 2 articles below were translated by Jenny Park. As I was reading Jenny’s translations (the 2 below and the other articles she translated before) I couldn’t help but notice the formal tone of the reports. I mentioned my observation to Jenny and she replied that she stayed faithful to the literal tone of the reports.
She said that the reporters sometimes overstepped their boundaries with the nature of their questions (maybe trying to provoke JHJ into saying something sensational?) but, based on the words he used, JHJ stayed formal and professional in all his replies. Jenny said that JHJ always takes his time before answering each question.
Article Title: Jo Hyun Jae said, “The interaction with Chae Jung An was the best….The feeling of putting on a pair of new clothing fits just right.”
[TV Report=Shinara Reporter] 2015. 10.05. 14:31
The actor Jo Hyun Jae laid out a whole bunch of compliments regarding his drama partner Chae Jung An.
On the 5th, at a cafe on Nonhyun Street in the Gangnam District in Seoul, an interview with the actor Jo Hyun Jae was held.
To the question asking about his interaction with the actress Chae Jung An, Jo Hyun Jae said, “No matter what I do, Jung An nuna likes it. Whatever reaction I pull, she highly praised me for it,” he said.
Jo Hyun Jae continued, “The elements of melodrama progressed so suddenly and this portion made Jung An uncomfortable but we were able to focus well together. Jung An is the type of person that makes others very much at ease. Her personality is good and easy going. So, even when we were rushing into a scene, the communication came easy for us. This was the first time putting on a new piece of clothing and I got a feeling that it was well fitting,” he said that by this he was grateful for it.
Meanwhile, in the current SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama called “Yongpal” that just ended, Jo Hyun Jae’s character suffers from the illegitimate son syndrome and in order for him to get a hold of the chairman position he forced his younger sister into a coma. Jo Hyun Jae played the role of Han Do Jun who habitually commits evil deeds. Since his debut this is his first time challenging himself to play the role of a villain.
Source 1
Article Title: Jo Hyun Jae said, “Melodrama with Chae Jung An? I was able to focus since she was very easy going.”
[Osen=Jung So Yeong Reporter] 2015.10.05. 13:52
The actor Jo Hyun Jae talked about Chae Jung An whom he acted and interacted with in the drama “Yongpal”.
On the afternoon of the 5th at a cafe in the Gangnam District on Nonhyun Street in Seoul an interview was held for the actor Jo Hyun Jae regarding the drama “Yongpal” that just recently finished. He talked about current situations and some filming episodes.
On this day he was asked about his interaction with his co-star Chae Jung An and he said, “I felt really good because Jung An nuna praised me very highly no matter what kind of reaction I pulled. The elements of melodrama started up so suddenly. Jung An was originally a little uncomfortable about it but we were both able to focus very well despite the situation,” he answered.
Also he said, “Jung An is the type of person that makes anyone feel at ease so I was able to feel comfortable as well. I think she is really easy going with a good personality and even if the melodrama began so abruptly we were able to mingle so well,” he added.
Editor: Skipped this paragraph as it is just a rehash of the drama’s plot.
Jo Hyun Jae is the half-brother of Yeo Jin (Kim Tae Hee) in the drama and he played the role of Han Do Jun and he is the chairman of Hanshin Group. Han Do Jun suffers from an illegitimate child syndrome and in order for him to get a hold of the position of becoming the chairman, he forced his sister into a comatose state and he habitually committed evil deeds. Since his debut he challenged himself to play a villain role for the first time for which he received favorable reviews.
Source 2
Credit: Photo as labelled. English translation by Jenny Park. Thank you so much!

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