JHJ and Friends

Jo Hyun Jae shows support for BFF Bae Soo Bin

2015.10.08 JHJ at BSB stage play

On October 8 Jo Hyun Jae watched the stage play “Pride” to show his support for his long-time bestie Bae Soo Bin who is a member of the cast.
FYI, the BFF in the title means best friend forever, just on the off chance that you don’t know its meaning. 😀


Caption: Actor Jo Hyun Jae, “Yongpal’s” attractive villain who challenged his acting to widen his acting spectrum.
The other captions are for actor Jung Jin Young (the man wearing a cap whom BSB is hugging in the picture below). And then the rest of the caption seems to be saying that the cast are happy that 2 great acting seniors visited them.


My heart is warmed seeing stage actors addressing JHJ as their “acting senior”.  I hope someday JHJ can be in a stage play too.
Someone in the audience recognized JHJ. She said that JHJ looks very handsome, more handsome in person than onscreen…. that is always the reaction of everyone who sees JHJ in person for the first time. 🙂


Credit: Photo from twitter.com/thebestplays

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