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Jo Hyun Jae Post-Yongpal Interview (5) – “After “Love Letter” I yearned to play rebellious characters”

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Article title: Jo Hyun Jae, “After “Love Letter” I yearned to play rebellious characters.”
[OSEN=Jeong So Young, reporter] 2015.10.05. 13:51
Actor Jo Hyun Jae revealed a desire to play rebellious characters.
On the afternoon of October 5, we met with Jo Hyun Jae at a cafe in Nonhyun, Gangnam, Seoul for an interview. During the interview, he shared his thoughts and BTS stories about his recently concluded SBS drama “Yongpal”.
On this day, Jo Hyun Jae grumbled a bit against his pure and innocent image. Jo Hyun Jae said, “Every single piece of work in which I was cast is very precious to me, and I am truly thankful to everyone who cast me in their works. However, after the drama “Love Letter” (MBC, 2003) ended, I wanted to play rebellious characters. But, let us say I chose a rebellious character for my next work, but shortly before filming, the script will be modified so that my role will fit my pure and innocent image. So, I have to return to my pure image, hence I never got the chance to take on a rebellious character.”
Jo Hyun Jae explained further, “I have yearned to play villain for many years now. I know that I would do well if I return to pure and innocent roles, however, I want to play a variety of roles. This time I played a villain, maybe next time I will play a sucker or a witty person. I also want to try acting a playful character. I know I can make a role suitable for me by studying or by doing research on any character.”
Jo Hyun Jae added, “I may even do something embarrassing. I wouldn’t be afraid to do that. Doing nude scenes would be fine but I will not do full frontal nudity,” he joked. When asked for particular actresses he would like to work with, Jo Hyun Jae said, “I will work with any actress. Now is not the time to be picky. Han Do Jun is very unique and special to me because Do Jun-i is not about being romantic or melodramatic compared to my previous roles where I had to cooperate a lot with many actresses.”
Editor: I skipped paragraph 5 as it is just a rehash of the drama’s main plot.
Jo Hyun Jae played Han Do Jun, Chairman of the Hanshin Group, half-brother of Han Yeo Jin (Kim Tae Hee). Han Do Jun suffers from illegitimate child complex and forced his younger sister into a vegetative state to grab chairmanship of the company from her. This is the first time since he started his acting career that Jo Hyun Jae has challenged villain acting for which he has received wide acclaim.


Editor: According to our translator, Jenny Park, Hyunjae used the word “망가질 ” (Romaja: mangajida) at the beginning of paragraph 4. “Mangajida” has many meanings depending on how it is used in the sentence. It could mean “to break/damage” or “to make a fool of one’s self” or “to be embarrassed” or “to be humiliated”. Jenny believes that in Hyunjae’s reply, he meant that he is not afraid to do even embarrassing things like doing nude scenes. Jenny explains that South Korea is a little on the conservative side, so nudity can be considered an embarrassing thing to do, which could possibly damage Hyunjae’s image. However, the reporter writes that Hyunjae was just joking when he mentioned doing nude scenes.


Below is Jenny’s English translation of the same article:
Article Title: Jo Hyun Jae said, “After “Love Letter” I sincerely wanted the role of a rebellious one.”
[OSEN= Jung So Young Reporter] 2015. 10.05. 13:51
Actor Jo Hyun Jae expressed his desire for the role of a rebellious person.
On the 5th, Jo Hyun Jae was at a cafe located in the Gangnam district on Nonhyun Street for an interview relating to the SBS drama “Yongpal” that just ended and there he talked about his current situation along with the filming episodes.
On this day he was asked if he was discontented about his already existing image and he said, “To me, each and every role is precious and I feel grateful for it. It’s just that, after “Love Letter” was over I wanted to take on a role of a rebellious kid. They told me that it was a rebellious role when going in but before the shooting started the whole script was modified to make it suitable to go back to my already existing image,” he answered.
Also, Jo Hyun Jae said, “I have sincerely wanted to play the role of a villain since a long time ago. I would do well even if I had to go back to playing innocent roles again but I just want to be able to alternate and take on various roles. Since I played the role of a villain this time around, I would love to play a character that is clumsy or even someone that is witty and playful next time around. I would be able to make it suitable for me and even do some research on it,” he admitted.
Explaining further, “I could even be a total wreck. I am not afraid of such a thing. As long as it’s not explicit nudity I think I would be okay with just about anything,” he joked. To the question that he was asked regarding which actress he would like to act with, he said, “Any actress will do. I don’t think I’m in a situation where I can be picky about it. I think this time around it was a special case because with this project the main thing wasn’t about romance or melodrama but the core thing was about Do Jun’s character. This is coming from a man that has worked with a lot of actresses,” he added.
With “Yongpal”, the place or type of patient doesn’t matter because he wouldn’t even refuse a thug, as long as he is paid in high amount. He is a highly skilled quack surgeon and this is a spectacular melodramatic story portraying Yongpal meeting the heiress of a conglomerate that is the “sleeping witch of the forest.”
Jo Hyun Jae is the half-brother to Yeo Jin (Kim Tae Hee) in the drama, and he plays the chairman named Han Do Jun of Hanshin Group. He suffers from an illegitimate child syndrome and to be able to get a hold of the position for being the chairman of the group, he forcefully puts his younger sister into a state of a coma and he commits evil deeds habitually. Since his debut he challenged himself to playing a villain and he received favorable reviews regarding it.
Credit: Photo as labelled. English translation by Prissymom and Jenny Park. English translation is not verbatim. Thanks, Jenny!

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