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Jo Hyun Jae Post-Yongpal Interview (1): “It is a special drama in my acting career.”

JHJ Post YP Int-4

This is the first article I am translating to English among Jo Hyun Jae‘s post-Yongpal interview articles. English translation is not verbatim.
Article title: Jo Hyun Jae’s “Yongpal” end-of-telecast testimony, “It is a very special drama in my acting career” [Star News, Lee Jeong Ho, reporter, 2015.10.05]
Jo Hyun Jae revealed his “Yongpal” end-of-telecast testimony.
On October 5, Jo Hyun Jae met with reporters at a cafe in Nonhyun-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, wherein he revealed his end-of-telecast testimony about “Yongpal”. He said, “It is a very special drama in my acting career.” (“Yongpal” is written by Jang Hyuk Rin, directed by Oh Jin Seok and produced by HB Entertainment.)
Jo Hyun Jae explains, “This drama is very special to me. This is my first try to play a villain, and the public’s reaction to my villain acting is very good.”
Jo Hyun Jae added, “In my acting career, if this would be remembered as a good drama character, then I would be grateful. It is always exciting to work whenever I face a new acting challenge.”
Jo Hyun Jae played the evil character Han Do Jun in the SBS drama “Yongpal”. Han Do Jun suffers from illegitimate child complex who forced his half-sister Han Yeo Jin (Kim Tae Hee) into a vegetative state in order to grab chairmanship of the Hanshin Group from her.


Below is Jenny Park’s English translation of the same article:
Article Title: Jo Hyun Jae’s feelings and impressions on the ending of the drama “Yongpal”. “This drama is very special to me in my life.”
The actor Jo Hyun Jae admitted his feelings and impressions of the ending of the drama “Yongpal”.
The actor Jo Hyun Jae participated in an interview that was held on the 5th, in a cafe located in the Gangnam district in Nonhyeon street of Seoul. Jo Hyun Jae admitted that this drama is very special to him in his life and this is how he told us about how he felt about it.
Jo Hyun Jae thinks that “Yongpal” became a very significant drama for him and he also stated that the public reacted in a positive way despite the fact that this is his first time making an attempt for a character like this and this made him feel very good about it.
Jo Hyun Jae said. “In my career, a good drama and a character like this will be left with me and I feel the gratitude towards this.” He also added. “ As I am acting all the time, being able to go for a new challenge like this makes me quite excited.”
Meanwhile, In the SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama “Yongpal” that ended on the 1st (of October), Jo Hyun Jae was an illegitimate child afflicted with inferiority complex and in order for him to get a hold of the chairman position he makes his younger sister (Ms. Kim Tae Hee) to be in a vegetative state by force. Jo Hyun Jae acted as a character Han Do Jun that does a lot of evil deeds.
Credit: Photos as labelled. English translation by Prissymom and Jenny Park.

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