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Jo Hyun Jae Post-Yongpal Interview: Synopsis

JHJ Post YP Int-3

Jo Hyun Jae fans, have you calmed down now after yesterday’s deluge of gorgeous photos of our Prince? Or, are you still having heart palpitations just like me? Ha! Ha!
For those who are still in the dark, afternoon yesterday, October 5, our Hyunjae gave his post-“Yongpal” interview to various Korean entertainment reporters. The interview and photos were released early evening yesterday by various Korean entertainment media outlets.
The interview was held at a cafe in Nonhyun-dong, Seoul. The owner of the cafe posted a photo of Hyunjae in their IG account (see below). I am pretty sure the cafe will be deluged by JHJ fans in the days/weeks/months/years to come. 😀

배우 #조현재 #베블다이닝 에 오다 ㅎㅎ 기자들 엄청 몰리네~~~

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So many articles that covered Hyunjae’s post-Yongpal interview were released. The interview covered a wide range of topics and it would have probably taken me a couple of days to sort it all out if not for Alongside Jo Hyun Jae, who provided a synopsis of the various topics covered in this interview. Below is the outline of the interview. (Yes, I need an outline for this interview. I would get lost if I don’t make one.)
I. JHJ shares his thoughts about the drama and his role
  • end of broadcast testimony
  • thoughts about his first villain role
  • desire for a rebel role
II. JHJ talks about memorable scenes in the drama and his regrets about Han Do Jun
III. JHJ talks about Chae Jung An and Kim Tae Hee
IV. JHJ talks about personal stuff
  • Compares his life when he was in his 20s to now that he is in his 30s
  • Importance of self-management
  • His natural personality
  • Strong commitment to marriage
IV. JHJ shares his thoughts about drama production in South Korea
It will take me awhile to translate the articles, but I assure you that the articles covering all topics outlined above will be translated.


Credit: Photos as labelled. Thanks!

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