Drama (2015.08): Yongpal / Photos

Jo Hyun Jae at Yongpal Wrap-up Party, 2015.10.01 (Additional photos)

JHJ Wrapup Party 31JHJ Wrapup Party 22JHJ Wrapup Party 32JHJ Wrapup Party 21
Here are additional pictures of Jo Hyun Jae taken on the evening of October 1 when cast and crew of “Yongpal” had their wrap-up party. The pictures above were taken by various Korean entertainment media outlets outside the venue upon Hyunjae’s arrival. Hyunjae’s skin is glowing!
The pictures below of Hyunjae with various co-stars in the drama were taken inside the venue.
From the Instagram account of actress Kim Mi Kyung.
Caption: It is nice to meet again after a long time. Although he played villain, Hyunjae ssi is actually a nice person. ^^ (Editor: Hyunjae and KMK worked together in the drama “Great Ambition” (Daemang) back in 2002, where Hyunjae played Crown Prince while KMK played the maid of Lee Yo Won’s character.
From the instagram account of one of the supporting actors (wearing eyeglasses) who played resident doctor.
Caption: Older brother Dojun-i
Hashtags: #용팔이 (Yongpal) #도준 (Dojun) #조현재 (Jo Hyun Jae)


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JHJ Wrapup Party 23

JHJ Wrapup Party 25 JHJ Wrapup Party 26 JHJ Wrapup Party 27


Some Chinese fans managed to get Hyunjae’s autograph:

JHJ Wrapup Party 29 JHJ Wrapup Party 30 JHJ Wrapup Party 33 JHJ Wrapup Party 34


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