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Jo Hyun Jae’s end of broadcast testimony, “I enjoyed my first time to act as villain.”

JHJ Wrapup Party 16

Article title: Jo Hyun Jae’s end of Yongpal broadcast testimony, “I enjoyed my first time to act as villain.” (2015.10.02 9:09 a.m.)
[OSEN=Park Jin Young, Reporter] Actor Jo Hyun Jae shared his feelings at the end of broadcast of SBS drama “Yongpal” (written by Jang Hyuk Rin, directed by Oh Jin Seok, and produced by HB Entertainment).
Jo Hyun Jae said, “It was fresh and entertaining and at the same time exciting to meet a new and special character that I have never portrayed before in my career.”
Jo Hyun Jae joined the “Yongpal” staff and actors in thanking the audience for the love they gave the drama. “This seems to be an unforgettable work,” Jo Hyun Jae added.
In “Yongpal” Jo Hyun Jae suffers from illegitimate child complex who forced his half-sister into a vegetative state in order to grab chairmanship of the Hanshin Group from her. Playing the evil Han Do Jun character is the first time Jo Hyun Jae has challenged the villain role since he started his acting career. Jo Hyun Jae totally ruined his formerly gentle image through his acting reversal in “Yongpal”. His compelling, intense acting elicited the assessment that he played the best villain this year.


Below is a video clip of the short interview that Hyunjae gave during the drama’s wrap-up party. I don’t have transcript of the interview so I can’t translate it completely. I am assuming that this interview is the source of the statements made by Hyunjae quoted in the above report because as far as I know this is the only “Yongpal” exit interview Hyunjae has given to date.
Note: The video is a bit slow in loading, so please wait patiently.


Credit: Photo as labelled; Video from DC/JHJ. Thanks! English translation of news report by prissymom using Google Translate.

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