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Jo Hyun Jae at Yongpal Wrap-up Party, 2015.10.01

JHJ Wrapup Party 11

The “Yongpal” cast and crew had their wrap-up party today at a restaurant in Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul. Below are some photos of our Prince Jo Hyun Jae. I translated the headlines for each picture.
The picture above is my favorite because Hyunjae looks so boyishly handsome. The headline says, “Jo Hyun Jae attends Yongpal wrap-up party in all-black fashion”
The 2 headlines below are interesting because they allude to Hyunjae being a villain in the drama. I didn’t include the pictures that go with it because they are a bit blurred. The 3rd and 4th headlines are not accompanied by pictures.
Headline 1: Jo Hyun Jae, Yongpal’s interesting villain
Headline 2: Jo Hyun Jae, a villain we cannot hate
Headline 3: Jo Hyun Jae,  distinctive appearance from afar
Headline 4: Jo Hyun Jae, really well-mannered
Jo Hyun Jae, he was a bad older brother, but in real life he is a very good man

JHJ Wrapup Party 1

Jo Hyun Jae, attending wrap-up party in black fashion

JHJ Wrapup Party 2

Jo Hyun Jae, luminous appearance in the darkness
JHJ Wrapup Party 3
Jo Hyun Jae, “outstanding appearance of Han Do Jun emerges
JHJ Wrapup Party 4
Jo Hyun Jae, attending Yongpal wrap-up party
JHJ Wrapup Party 5
Jo Hyun Jae, distinctive appearance with all-black fashion
JHJ Wrapup Party 6
Jo Hyun Jae, clean and neat in all-black look
JHJ Wrapup Party 7
Jo Hyun Jae, late emergence of Yeo Jin’s older brother
JHJ Wrapup Party 8
Jo Hyun Jae “cleanly carved appearance”

JHJ Wrapup Party 9

Jo Hyun Jae, “I could not miss Yongpal wrap-up party.”

JHJ Wrapup Party 10

Jo Hyun Jae, “full of sad expression”

JHJ Wrapup Party 12

Jo Hyun Jae, stylish black fashion

JHJ Wrapup Party 13

Jo Hyun Jae, charismatic in all-black

JHJ Wrapup Party 14

Jo Hyun Jae, stylish in all-black

JHJ Wrapup Party 15

The next 3 photos are from TenAsia came with this headline: Jo Hyun Jae, rises from death in order to attend the wrap-up party

JHJ Wrapup Party 16 JHJ Wrapup Party 17 JHJ Wrapup Party 18

The next 2 photos from BNT have this headline: Jo Hyun Jae, Janus smile
Editor: Janus is the ancient Roman god of doorways, of beginnings, and of the rising and setting of the sun. He is depicted as having two faces, one in front, the other in back. So, the headline “Janus smile” means a “two-faced smile”, this is in reference to Hyunjae’s character Han Do Jun whose smile in the drama hides a lot a malice.

JHJ Wrapup Party 19JHJ Wrapup Party 21


Credit: Photos as labelled

One thought on “Jo Hyun Jae at Yongpal Wrap-up Party, 2015.10.01

  1. Some people like the show so much that want to get a season 2 for Yongpal. I had the same discussion with my BF too and he suggested HDJ should be reborn as his illegitimate son hidden somewhere and grow up later being asked to fight fo inherit Hanshin group. Ha ha maybe trained as a doctor like Yongpal and JHJ acts again !? While the other side Dr. Kim and HYJ has a daughter acted by KTH again! Then they can have a love story twisted with saga of family comfilcts of the past.

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