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Yongpal: Han Do Jun to re-appear at the end? Lee Chae Young to avenge her husband?

Han Do Jun Ep 14-11

As per Jo Hyun Jae‘s Weibo post last September 29, Han Do Jun will appear at the end of “Yongpal”.
JHJ’s Weibo message (2015.09.29): Hello, everyone! Have a pleasant Mid-Autumn Festival. Yongpal is almost over. I will come out in the end, so please stay tuned until the very end. Thank you!
So, fans are busy speculating in what form Han Do Jun will re-appear. I checked the various JHJ fan sites to find out fans’ speculations.
> Han Do Jun is alive; his death and cremation in episode 16 are fake
This seems to be the most favored speculation. In fact, even before JHJ made that Weibo post, some fans have already shared this speculation on FB. Fans say that Tae Hyun could have operated on Do Jun in the ambulance after Daejung’s killers left the airfield. During the cremation, all we saw was the coffin, we weren’t shown Do Jun’s body. So, maybe Tae Hyun and Chae Young are hiding Do Jun somewhere away from Yeo Jin and Sung Hoon’s dad. Then in the last episode, Do Jun will have a chance to redeem himself and reconcile with half-sister Yeo Jin. And live a happy life with wife Chae Young.
Of course, this possibility is riddled with many holes. But, hey, who cares about logic as long as we see Do Jun alive in the end. 😀
> Han Do Jun returns as part of a flashback. Chae Young and Yeo Jin, separately, will reminisce about their times with Do Jun when he hasn’t been swallowed by greed and wickedness yet.
Han Do Jun returns as a ghost to make Yeo Jin feel guilty
> Han Do Jun returns as a ghost appearing before Buddha to wash the sins of the past.
> Han Do Jun returns as a messenger from the underworld (the mythical abode of the dead). He will appear in someone’s dream and will tell that someone that “you and I will go together”.  (I hope he appears in the dream of his former Secretary. 😀 )


Maybe this article about Lee Chae Young’s character will help you form your own speculations about Han Do Jun’s re-appearance. According to the article Han Do Jun’s wife, Lee Chae Young, will seek vengeance against Han Yeo Jin by using her contacts in the Blue House, whom she has accumulated while Do Jun was still in power as Chairman of the Hanshin Group.
Editor: The Blue House is the official residence and executive office of the President of South Korea.
During Han Do Jun’s funeral, which Chae Young attended alone, she decides to seek revenge against Yeo Jin and bring down the Hanshin Group. But the truth is, Chae Young has no more power to get rid of Yeo Jin and Hanshin.
On the other hand, Han Yeo Jin is master of her life once again. Hanshin Group is fully under her control; while outside Hanshin, the Attorney General is working with her. Public opinion is in her favor, financial circles are in awe of her, the media are manipulated in her favor, she has more power than ever.
However, when Do Jun was still in power as Chairman of Hanshin, Chae Young was able to form her own network of contacts inside the Blue House. She is thinking of using that network in her revenge.
How will she do this? She will use her Blue House contacts to present evidence to the President about all the ugly crimes and wanton acts committed by the Hanshin Group in the conduct of their business.
Of course, these ugly crimes and wanton acts were committed by her husband and President Go, both of whom are already dead. Chae Young’s situation can be summed up as “she has already lost everything, whatever she does next, she has nothing more to lose.”
Meaning that even if Han Do Jun’s criminal acts are revealed to the public (i.e. keeping Yeo Jin in a forced coma so he could continue to be Chairman of Hanshin, killing or trying to kill those involved to cover up his crimes, etc.), Han Do Jun will no longer be affected by such revelations because he is already dead.
Whereas Hanshin Group’s corporate image will plummet, its existence will be threatened, if it became known to the public that they are an enterprise that engages in murder and criminal acts in the conduct of their business.
Once her reports regarding criminal activities by the Hanshin Group reaches the President of South Korea, Chae Young believes the President will immediately mobilize all the necessary government agencies to prosecute Hanshin Group.
If this happens, the Hanshin Group will face a crisis, might even face disintegration, and Han Yeo Jin as current Chairman of the Hanshin Group will face criminal punishment. Moreover, Han Yeo Jin herself has committed some criminal acts as she carried out her own revenge, so may face punishment for those acts as well. In addition, Lee Chae Young might also kill Daejung Group Chairman for killing Do Jun.





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