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Jo Hyun Jae on Instagram, 2015.09.27

즐추^^감사합니다~♡ #sbsdrama #용팔이 #명절 #음식

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Jo Hyun Jae posted the above photo on his Instagram account to thank fans who sent him gifts for Chuseok/Mid-Autumn.


The caption says: Enjoy! Thank you!
Hashtags:  ‪#‎sbsdrama‬ ‪#‎용팔이‬ (Yongpalyi) ‪#‎명절‬ (feast) ‪#‎음식‬ (food)


I think the Starbucks mooncakes are from Chinese fans. Below are photos of the Starbucks mooncake, thermal bottle and coffee mugs that Chinese fans sent JHJ. They sent JHJ 2 coffee mugs, one for JHJ and the other to whomever JHJ wants to give it. His GF perhaps (if he has one already)? 😀
I do not know which JHJ fanclubs sent the other stuff that we can see in the above photo.

JHJ Instagram 2015.09.27aJHJ Instagram 2015.09.27b JHJ Instagram 2015.09.27c

Postscript: I might as well post this information here.
Yongpal cast and crew will have their wrap-up party at 10 pm KST on October 1 at Yeongdeungpo District, Koyo-dong Lin charcoal grill shop. I hope our Hyunjae will be there so we can see him again. I miss him already.


Credit: Photo 1 from JHJ’s IG account; all other photos from JHJ China @ johyunjaechina.com. Thanks!

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