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“Anger Aria”, indulge in the madness of Jo Hyun Jae’s Han Do Jun

Han Do Jun 110

This article was released on September 23. It talks about 3 actors who are currently acting as villains in their respective dramas and why these 3 actors’ villain portrayal has attracted the attention of viewers.
The 3 actors mentioned in the article are Jo Hyun Jae, Song Chang Min and Son Byeong Ho. I will translate the part about Hyunjae only. My English translation is not verbatim.
“Yongpal” Jo Hyun Jae, murderous devil, increases tensions
The world of “anger aria”.
In dramas these days, in an alternate dimension “the drama villain” has taken over the world of dramas. Villains are the object of the audience’s wrath, but at the same time they also play a crucial role in leading the drama to become popular. The villains shoulder all the blame and accusations for whatever misery that goes on in the drama, but at the same time it is very addicting to keep eyes on them. Jo Hyun Jae (SBS, “Yongpal”), Song Chang Min (MBC, “Daugther Geumsawol”) and Son Byeong Ho (SBS, “Mr. Cop”) are the main characters of our alternate dimension.
In order to achieve all their heart’s desires, villains will commit all kinds of atrocities without even batting an eyelash, their vile laughter designed to build up your outrage. Ironically, as the wickedness of the villains reaches its peak, viewers become more immersed in the dramas, resulting in increased viewership ratings.
Did not translate paragraph #3.
In “Yongpal” Jo Hyun Jae is the main source of trials and suffering of his half-sister Kim Tae Hee and her husband Joo Won. His ability to embrace his villainy has further increased the dramatic tension in the drama. In the drama, Jo Hyun Jae belongs to a very rich family, but is considered an outsider in the family because he wasn’t born into it. As a result he suffers from the illegitimate child complex, and makes life hard on Kim Tae Hee and other people even to the point of ordering their death. His character is so villainous as to be described as wicked as the devil.
Did not translate paragraph #4.
In fact, the villain is a character that is not easy to portray if the actor playing the villain does not possess a certain level of acting skills. Jo Hyun Jae, Son Chang Min and Son Byeong Ho have strong personalities and possess that certain level of acting skills required for portraying villain roles.




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