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Jo Hyun Jae transforms successfully into a “visual villain”

Han Do Jun 131

The article below about Jo Hyun Jae was released by various Korean media outlets yesterday, September 20. It is basically the same as this article which I published yesterday, but with additional evaluation of Hyunjae’s performance as Han Do Jun. I also included comments posted by Korean netizens on the reports. My English translation is not verbatim.


Article title: Jo Hyun Jae transforms successfully into a “visual villain”
Editor: A Chinese fan translates “visual villain” to “handsome villain”
Actor Jo Hyun Jae exquisite villain acting, accumulates experience to become a meaningful actor.
In the SBS drama “Yongpal” (written by Jang Hyukrin / directed by Oh Jinseok) Jo Hyun Jae plays Han Do Jun, Chairman of the Hanshin Group, who suffers from illegitimate child complex. Jo Hyun Jae has taken charge of his character right from the beginning of the drama, setting people trembling in fear with the notoriety of the character. In recent developments, Han Do Jun has been stripped of his position by his half-sister Han Yeo Jin (Kim Tae Hee) and has become penniless. The scene where Han Do Jun lost his omnipotence leaving him without anyone by his side, trying to hide the reality that he is ruined but failing to hide his panic, Jo Hyun Jae’s acting has left a deep impression among viewers.
Most striking is the deep emotional drama between Han Do Jun and his wife Lee Chae Young. After the prosecution investigation, Han Do Jun leaves the building all by himself, Chae Young turns up to pick up her husband, then Han Do Jun tells Chae Young, “I am sorry”. Jo Hyun Jae’s heartfelt acting during this scene is enough to make viewers want to forget Han Do Jun’s previous atrocities. Towards the end of the episode, shocked horror that Do Jun is being brought to the Hanshin Hospital resulted in a sudden surge in audience rating. The highest rating of 26.4% for the episode is achieved, at the same time establishing a new viewership record as “the best 1 minute”.
Moreover, Jo Hyun Jae’s stylish image coupled with his being  very well-suited for the role of the Chairman of a company has earned for him the moniker “visual villain” (or “handsome villain”.)  Although Jo Hyun Jae is a cruel brother who brought his sister to the brink of death, but during the funeral he exuded such a luxurious aura. Whether he is throwing wineglasses or being neurotic, etc. he always attracted attention and messages about him on internet message boards continued to flow in.
A “Yongpal” official said, “Jo Hyun Jae’s performance in “Yongpal” has exceeded people’s expectations. The tender gentleman image has been synonymous with Jo Hyun Jae, so his portrayal of the ups and downs of his cruel character has left a strong impression among viewers.”
“Whether acting opposite his sister Kim Tae Hee, or his wife Chae Jung An, or even his secretary Choe Byeong Mo, depending on the object of his cooperation, Jo Hyun Jae portrayed tortured man with inferiority complex, a man enveloped in possessiveness, or his neurotic reactions, his acting just flowed out naturally,” the official added.
“Yongpal” is written by Jang Hyukrin, directed by Oh Jin Seok, and produced by HB Entertainment.
Han Do Jun 127
Here are some reactions posted by Korean viewers on various message boards:
  • Whether he is portraying good guy or bad guy, Jo Hyun Jae is definitely an actor with genuine acting skills.
  • Coming out of the building, acting as if everything is okay but could not hide his panic – that is really acting at its finest! Han Do Jun role is very attractive.
  • He is really very handsome… acting is very good
  • Handsome image + acting very handsome = very seductive
  • Hope to see JHJ in more diverse works. Really very good-looking, one of very few actors whose acting is really good. In future episodes we hope he will have a romantic scene.
  • I cried starting from that scene as he is coming out of the prosecutor’s building. Acting is really good!
  • Although he is the villain, I cannot hate him. In fact, I felt sad when he was being taken away (in the Hanshin Hospital ambulance.)
  • Jo Hyun Jae’s delicate acting resonated directly with the viewers.
  • I have always liked Jo Hyun Jae. From “First Love” to “Seo Dong Yo” he was like a breath of fresh air, but now he has become very sexy. Jo Hyun Jae, just like Jo In Sung, from tender flower handsome man, but with age, has now become more and more sexy. This is a desirable phenomenon.
 Han Do Jun 130Other articles (same content but different titles)
Article title: Jo Hyun Jae’s “visual villain” acting, a successful explosion
Article title: Jo Hyun Jae, exquisite villain acting popularly baptized as “visual perfection” (or “handsome perfection”)


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