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Jo Hyun Jae, brought to Hanshin Hospital… but eventually dies


The article below was released last Friday, September 18. The article talks about the surprise attack on Han Do Jun in Episode 14 of “Yongpal”. Similar reports appeared in various Korean media outlets, the contents are basically the same, only the titles differed. I translated to English the one from Naver because the title says that Jo Hyun Jae‘s character eventually dies.
Don’t worry, the reporter doesn’t mention anything about Do Jun dying or anything. I guess the reporter was just trying to be provocative with the title. I decided to post the article anyway to share with you the reaction of Korean netizens regarding various events that happened in Episode 14, especially the ending scene between Do Jun and Chae Young.
Article title: Jo Hyun Jae, Hanshin Hospital, but eventually dies
Jo Hyun Jae was hit by a car.
In Episode 14 of SBS drama “Yongpal” which aired on September 17, the appearance of Han Do Jun (Jo Hyun Jae) being released was drawn.
That day, Han Do Jun was told by the Prosecutor’s Office that he can now go home. He didn’t doubt that he will be released in the end, but when he came out of the building there was nobody there to pick him up. Han Do Jun calls President Go, only to be told by President Go’s son that his father is dead already. Do Jun couldn’t help but feel despair at hearing the news.
All these Lee Chae Young (Chae Jung An), his wife, observed with her own eyes. Hoever, on the phone talking to Chae Young, Do Jun lied with bravado that someone picked him up, but when he realized that Chae Young was watching him and knew what is going on, he told her, “I am sorry, Chae Young-ah,” because he is no longer able to protect her.
Han Do Jun told her that he will cross the street to get to her, but Lee Chae Young said, “No, this time I will be the one to go to you,” and shed tears. Then a black vehicle hit Han Do Jun, an ambulance from the Hanshin Hospital arrived and carried Han Do Jun away. Lee Chae Young was surprised to see this.
Comments from Korean netizens:
> I suddenly feel sorry [for Han Do Jun] (1290 people liked this comment)
Han Do Jun Ep 14-3
> In the end it now seems that Lee Chae Young will begin her own revenge (1198 people liked this comment)
Han Do Jun Ep 14-4
> Kim Tae Hee suddenly looks like a horrible devil, feels like she will burst in the end. (955 people liked this comment)
Han Do Jun Ep 14-5
> In this drama, Hanshin Hospital is almost like Shawshank level, that is not a hospital, it is more like a prison (391 points liked this comment)….
My comment: I agree with this last comment. Ha! Ha! I wouldn’t want to become a patient in that hospital, so many creepy things going on. 😀  “Shawshank” is a reference to the movie “Shawshank Redemption” (1994) which is set in a notoriously harsh prison called Shawshank Prison.
Han Do Jun Ep 14-8
There is another article with this title: “Kim Tae Hee, will she listen to Joo Won’s advice to stop her revenge”
Although the article is mostly about Kim Tae Hee and Joo Won’s story line, the comment that received the most “like” is about our Hyunjae.
> Jo Hyun Jae… suddenly I feel he is so pitiful (3850 people liked this comment)
Han Do Jun Ep 14-9
Comment: The only thing I can say about the ending scene of Episode 14 is: only a truly a talented and charismatic actor could engender such contradictory emotions towards a villain among viewers over a scene that lasted just a few minutes. 





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