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Jo Hyun Jae’s intense villain acting establishes new viewership record

Han Do Jun 126

Woohoo! It seems Jo Hyun Jae‘s “best 1-minute” (26.4% audience rating in a span of 1 minute) in Episode 14 of “Yongpal” is a record-setting feat!
Below is my rough English translation of articles released today about Jo Hyun Jae’s performance as Han Do Jun. English translation is not verbatim.
Article Title: Jo Hyun Jae’s instense villain acting establishes new viewership record “how friggin’ scary…”
Actor Jo Hyun Jae‘s delicate villain acting showcase in “Yongpal” has become a topic of conversation.
In the SBS drama “Yongpal” (written by Jang Hyukrin / directed by Oh Jinseok) Jo Hyun Jae plays Han Do Jun, Chairman of the Hanshin Group, who suffers from illegitimate child complex. Jo Hyun Jae has taken charge of his character right from the beginning of the drama, setting people trembling in fear with the notoriety of the character. In recent developments, Han Do Jun has been stripped of his position by his half-sister Han Yeo Jin (Kim Tae Hee) and has become penniless. In that scene when Han Do Jun lost the power to wield his omnipotence leaving him without anyone to help him, but trying to hide the reality that he is ruined, Jo Hyun Jae has received the assessment that his facial expressions during that scene is superb.
More than anything, Han Do Jun’s troubled relationship with his wife Lee Chae Young who looks at him with contempt attracted attention. After the prosecution investigation, Han Do Jun leaves the building all by himself, Chae Young turns up to pick up her husband, then Han Do Jun tells Chae Young, “I am sorry”. Jo Hyun Jae’s heartfelt acting during this scene is enough to make viewers want to forget Han Do Jun’s atrocities. Towards the end of the episode, shocked horror that Do Jun is being brought to the Hanshin Hospital resulted in a sudden surge in audience rating. The highest rating of 26.4% for the episode is recorded, earning the moniker “the best 1 minute”, at the same time establishing a new viewership record.
배우 조현재가 ‘용팔이’에서 섬세한 악역 연기를 선보여 화제다.
조현재는 SBS 수목드라마 ‘용팔이’(극본 장혁린, 연출 오진석)에서 서자 콤플렉스에 시달리는 한신그룹 회장 한도준 역을 맡아 극 초반 악명을 떨쳤다. 하지만 최근 전개에선 여동생 여진(김태희 분)에게 자리를 빼앗기고 빈털터리가 됐다. 무소불위 권력을 휘두르다 힘을 잃은 뒤 아무도 곁에 남지 않은 현실에 황망함을 감추지 못하는 표정 연기가 일품이라는 평을 받고 있다.
무엇보다 눈길을 끈 건 경멸하던 아내 채영(채정안 분)과 나눈 진한 감정신이 주목을 끌었다. 검찰조사를 마치고 홀로 청사를 나선 남편을 마중 나온 채영을 향해 “미안했다”며 울컥 하는 모습은 그간의 악행을 잊게 만들 만큼 묵직한 진심이 느껴졌다는 반응이다. 여기에 방송 말미 충격과 공포를 안긴 한신병원으로 끌려가는 모습까지 도준 캐릭터의 밀도 높은 움직임은 위기로 팽배한 ‘용팔이’에 제대로 탄성을 부여하며 이날 방송분 중 가장 시청률이 높은(26.4%) 최고의 1분을 기록하며 신기록을 세웠다.
Credit: Photos from HB Entertainment. English translation by prissymom.

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