Drama (2013.09): King's Daughter / JHJ and Friends

Actor Yeo Eui Joo talks about Jo Hyun Jae

Myeong Nong BTS 181

Myeong Nong 031a

Actor Yeo Eui Joo, Jo Hyun Jae‘s co-star in the drama “King’s Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang” (KDSBH, MBC, 2013-2014), appeared in the recently-concluded drama “Scholar Who Walks The Night” (MBC, 2015).  While “Scholar” was airing, the young actor gave an interview in which he talked about our Hyun Jae. I translated to English just the part about our Hyun Jae.
For those who have forgotten, actor Yeo Eui Joo played Kangbok in KDSBH. Kangbok is the loyal bodyguard/second-in-command of Hyunjae’s character, Crown Prince Myeong Nong.


Actor Yeo: “In KDSBH I served Jo Hyun Jae sunbae for six months (laughs). Now I still call him occasionally to ask him questions. He also gives me a lot of advice. Sunbae told me many things (while filming KDSBH), and every time I had a hard time, he would encourage me a lot. At that time, I was the Crown Prince’s second-in-command, now I continue with (a similar role) (laughs).”
Chinese translation ドラミ1987 on JHJ/Baidu:



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