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Jo Hyun Jae, a professional actor

Article Title: Jo Hyun Jae, tremendous bond? “Mr. Han”, the story of a professional actor
SBS drama “Yongpal” (Writer Jang Hyuk Rin/PD Oh Jin Seok) is Jo Hyun Jae, “Mr. Han”, a professional actor?
In “Yongpal” Jo Hyun Jae plays Han Do Jun, the half-brother of Han Yeo Jin (Kim Tae Hee). Do Jun is the current chairman of the Hanshin Group, but he is  only second claimant to the company after Yeo Jin. To grab the company from the real heiress, Do Jun forced Yeo Jin into a vegetative state for 3 years, and more recently, he tried to have her murdered. In a recent episode, Yeo Jin emerges alive which has led to dramatic climax and tension. Because Jo Hyun Jae plays villain in his current drama, he has earned the moniker “Mr. Han, a professional actor” (Hangul: “한씨 전문배우”/ Romaja: Hanssi jeonmunbaeu), which has become a hot topic of conversation.
In 2000, Jo Hyun Jae appeared in a CF and made his drama debut through “KAIST”. However, he gained great popularity when he appeared as Crown Prince in the drama “Great Ambition” (Daemang, 2002). Later, he was chosen as the main character in “Love Letter” (2003). Jo Hyun Jae has appeared in several dramas where his character has the surname “Han”. These are: “First Love” (2003), “Only You” (2005), “One Mom, Three Dads” (2008), and “49 Days” (2011). He also has the same surname in “Yongpal”.
Jo Hyun Jae was Han Young Woo in “First Love”, Han Yi Jun in “Only You”, Han Su Hyeon in “1 Mom, 3 Dads”, Han Kang in “49 Days” and now, he plays Han Do Jun in “Yongpal”. In these dramas Jo Hyun Jae played a college student, a chaebol, a restaurateur, a wine bar owner, and now he acts as Chairman of a conglomerate.
Among the popular actresses he has worked with are Han Chae Young, Eugene, Lee Yo Won, Kim Tae hee, and Chae Jung An. Jo Hyun Jae has always played as the handsome gentleman. But now, playing a dark, villainous character, he has been showcasing a wide range of acting.
In this regard, an official from his agency said, “Maybe it is destiny for Jo Hyun Jae to be part of “Yongpal” considering that he has often played drama characters with the surname Han”.
The official added, “In the past, Jo Hyun Jae has showcased his warm looks in a number of works and has received much love from the audience. This time, despite his acting transformation by portraying a villainous character, he is still receiving much love from the audience. We hope that you will continue to show interest in all his acting endeavours in the future.”
Other media outlets came out with the same article but used different titles. Here are some of them…
Jo Hyun Jae, “from First Love to Yongpal” Mr. Han, a professional actor.
Jo Hyun Jae, receives favorable reception for first villain role… unique ties a new topic

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