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Jo Hyun Jae, the golden age of wicked men

This article is a report made by a group of reporters; the column is called “TV Repeat and Replay”, and is released on a weekly basis. In their report they select scenes from various dramas that aired during the week that they want to watch again and again. This is the second time they have featured Jo Hyun Jae in their weekly report in relation to his role as Han Do Jun in “Yongpal”. You can read the first article at this link.


Article title: “Whether frightening or annoying” now is the golden age of wicked men
“TV Repeat and Replay” We feature selected scenes that we want to watch again and again from dramas that were broadcast within the week from various TV networks.
In the home theater, wicked men are very active, much more striking than they have ever been in the past. To say that this is the golden age of wicked men is not an exaggeration. Villains don’t trust their own people, they also backstab them. They despise human life, they are everything that is vicious. We selected exciting scenes we want to watch again and again.
Editor: Five actors from 5 different dramas are included in the list, one of whom is Jo Hyun Jae. I just translated the part about JHJ.
Twisted ego created the devil – SBS “Yongpal” Jo Hyun Jae
Confining his sister in a restricted area short of killing her, he is truly unscrupulous. Let us talk about Jo Hyun Jae from the drama “Yongpal”.
In the drama, Han Do Jun (Jo Hyun Jae) suffers from the illegitimate child complex. To grab the Hanshin Group from his sister Han Yeo Jin (Kim Tae Hee), he forces her into a vegetative state. In addition, he disposes off without mercy Nurse Hwang (Bae Hae Seon) and hospital Director (Park Pal Young), the people who knew his secret.
Do Jun’s psychological trauma was due to the wounds which resulted from the repeated abandonment he suffered from his parents. His alcoholic biological mother committed suicide. His father remarried. Both his father and his stepmother, whom he loved more than he loved his biological mother, stopped loving him after Yeo Jin was born. Everyone he has loved with all his heart has abandoned him. Growing up as an outsider has turned Do Jun into a man with a twisted ego.
During Yeo Jin’s funeral, while lighting an incense for her, Do Jun said, “You can now go to heaven. I am willing to go to hell,” then he exposed a vile smile on his face, which made people look on with consternation.
Especially, in the September 10 broadcast (Episode 12) of “Yongpal” Yeo Jin appeared at her own funeral, soon reprisals will happen. What kind of evil atrocities will Do Jun wreak on Yeo Jin this time, I am really curious.


A few words from the reporters:
Mun Ji Hyeong: Why only now we meet? The villain
Bak Gwi Im: The suspense is awesome (screams)
Son Hyo Jeong: Handsome face, villain a perfect match!
Sin Nara: He is the King of Melodrama!
Hwang Geung Ji: His acting transformation gives me goosebumps


[TV반복재생] “섬뜩하거나 얄밉거나” 지금은 惡人 전성시대
[TV리포트=문지연 박귀임 손효정 신나라 황긍지 기자] ‘TV반복재생’은 한 주간 방송된 각 방송사별 드라마 중 다시 돌려보고 싶은 장면을 선정하는 기획특집이다.

안방극장 속 악인의 활약이 그 어느 때보다 돋보이고 있다. 악인 전성시대라고 해도 과언이 아닐 정도. 믿었던 지인의 뒤통수를 때리는 것은 물론이고, 사람 목숨도 가볍게 여기며 악랄함의 진수를 보여주고 있다. 다시 보고 싶은 이들의 열연 장면을 짚어봤다.

◆ 비틀린 자아가 만들어낸 악마 – SBS ‘용팔이’ 조현재

여동생을 제한구역에 가두는 것도 모자라 죽이기까지 한 파렴치한 이가 있다. ‘용팔이’ 속 조현재 얘기다.

극중 서자 콤플렉스를 지닌 도준(조현재)은 한신그룹을 손에 넣기 위해 여동생 여진(김태희)을 강제 식물인간 상태에 빠뜨렸다. 또한 비밀을 알고 있는 황간호사(배해선), 병원장(박팔영) 등을 가차없이 제거했다.

도준의 트라우마는 부모로부터 버림당한 상처의 반복 때문이었다. 알코올중독자로 결국 자살을 택한 친어머니를 비롯해 재혼한 아버지, 그리고 친어머니 보다 깊은 애정을 갈구했지만 여진(김태희)을 낳은 이후 사랑이 옮겨가버린 새어머니까지 마음을 다해 사랑했던 이들로부터 외면당한 기억이 도준의 비틀린 자아를 만들었다.

이같은 도준의 비틀린 자아는 급기야 여진을 죽이기에 이르렀다. 그는 여진의 장례식장에서 향을 피우며 “부디 극락왕생 하거라. 난 지옥으로 갈테니”라며 비열한 웃음을 띠어 보는 이들을 경악케 했다.

특히 지난 10일 방송된 ‘용팔이’에서는 자신의 장례식장에 등장한 여진의 모습이 그려져 파란을 예고했다. 도준이 또 어떤 섬뜩한 악행으로 여진에 대적할지 궁금증이 모인다.

기자 한마디)

문지연 : 왜 이제야 만났어요? 이 악역
박귀임 : 긴장감 끝내주네요
손효정 : 착한 얼굴, 악역이 이렇게 잘 어울릴 줄이야!
신나라 : 멜로킹 아니었나요
황긍지 : 소름 돋는 연기 변신

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