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Jo Hyun Jae turns a funeral ritual into a coronation ceremony… “creepy”

Article title: Jo Hyun Jae turns funeral ritual into a coronation ceremony… “creepy”
In Episode 11 of SBS drama “Yongpal”, which was broadcast on September 9, Han Do Jun (Jo Hyun Jae) turned the funeral ritual for Han Yeo Jin (Kim Tae Hee) into his own coronation ceremony.
In this episode, believing that Han Yeo Jin is already dead, her death was announced to reporters during a conference. With a cold smile on his face, President Go said, “This is not just a funeral ritual for Miss Han Yeo Jin, this is also a coronation ceremony for Chairman Han.”
As a result, the disguised funeral ritual has become an elaborate coronation ceremony for Han Do Jun. Retainers were all summoned to swear allegiance to Chairman Han and he accepts their greetings. Jo Hyun Jae’s creepy villain acting attracted the viewers’ attention.
A Korean viewer posted a comment to this article. The comment, I think, is the sentiment of many viewers. In essence the reply is: because Han Do Jun is handsome, one can forgive him anything….
“Really, the main actors are doing a pretty good job, everyone looks great on TV. In particular, actor Jo Hyun Jae, who plays Han Do Jun, I don’t find him annoying even if he plays villain because he is very handsome. In fact, I pity him and I hope Yeo Jin will forgive him all the bad things he has done. ^^ Yeo Jin, your brother is so pitiful, I hope you will be able to forgive him in the end. In addition, I hope Jo Hyun Jae and Chae Jung Ahn will be able to share a good life.
Credit: Photos from SBS; Chinese translation by ドラミ1987 @ http://tieba.baidu.com/p/4032474394. Thanks! English translation by Prissymom

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