Drama (2015.08): Yongpal / JHJ/MC Messages / On Instagram

Jo Hyun Jae on Instagram, 2015.09.10 (2)

Jo Hyun Jae updated his Instagram account again last night with 2 photos.
Caption for the photo up top: Chairman gets off…. Yongpal day today
Hashtags: #용팔이 (Handojun) #한도준 (Yongpalyi) #yongpal #♡#sbs
Hyunjae posted 2 comments in the photo up top.
Comment #1: 리허설 할때는 제가 직접 문을 열고 닫죠 ㅎㅎ (I am rehearsing how to open and close the door directly or manually.)
Comment #2: 용팔이 한도준 사랑해줘 고맙습니다 ~♡^^ (Thank you for loving Yongpal’s Han Do Jun)
JHJ Instagram 2015.09.10-6

Screen capture c/o DC/JHJ

Caption for the photo below: 11th episode Do Jun’s stunning car (Editor: Based on one of JHJ’s hashtags, the car is a #재규어  #Jaguar)

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