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CAFE and DC fans visit Jo Hyun Jae at the set of Yongpal, 2015.09.08 (Part 3 – Fan account)

Visit the set 2015.09.08-18

Here is a report shared by a Jo Hyun Jae fan from DC/JHJ on their visit to JHJ at the set of “Yongpal” last September 8.

Link to Part 2

My English translation is based on the Chinese translation by ドラミ1987. I saw the original fan account in Korean and it is very long; the Chinese fan translated just the highlights of the report. My English translation is not verbatim.
Highlight #1
Initial schedule for visit-the-set was postponed for the next day, but soon after, I was contacted again that the visit will push through today, so I did not go back to sleep anymore. Because preparation was rushed, I didn’t have enough time to prepare a gift. All I could do was go to the pharmacy to buy some fatigue recovery agent/concoction, and then I rushed directly to the filming site.
I arrived at around 11 p.m. Just in front of our car, the owner of the coffee cart is taking pictures with his camera.
I also heard a familiar voice… ah another Hyun Jae fan, she is talking to Hyun Jae’s manager. After some prodding, Hyun Jae’s manager said that the filming will finish at around 12 midnight. Because the general staff were the first ones to come out to eat I was able to take pictures.
I was about to ask my sisters from CAFE (fans from Carpe Diem) where Hyun Jae is when he finally came out. CAFE fans called DC fans to join them quickly. We took some photos of Hyun Jae, we also took group photos of JHJ with fans. Hyun Jae’s manager helped in taking the group photos.
Editor: At the time the Korean fan posted this report she did not attach any photos with JHJ in it because the photos contained episode spoilers. But from the photos released by the owner of the food truck we know that JHJ was wearing clothes suitable for attending a funeral. So that was the spoiler, that they were filming a funeral scene. The funeral scene appeared in Episode 11 which aired on September 9. Which means, cast and crew have only half a day lead time between filming and broadcasting.
Then we brought out the 4 contracts for Hyun Jae’s signature. Since this is a difficult task to undertake, so we asked for Hyun Jae’s help.
Our Hyun Jae immediately started signing. When he was about to affix his signature to the second contract, we asked him if he knows what he is signing. He replied, “Yes, it is for a fan meeting.” Then he signed the paper immediately. (DC fans have been requesting for a fan meeting with Hyun Jae for a long time. In particular, we want to go on a mountaineering fan meeting with him.)
Visit the set 2015.09.08-13

The text on the contract says: “I, Jo Hyun Jae, will one day hold a “mountaineering fan meeting”

Hyun Jae took a closer look at the third contract. We asked him if he will affix his signature to it. Hyun Jae set it aside. The third contract says “I, Jo Hyun Jae, support the “Committee against marriage”.
Visit the set 2015.09.08-11

The text on the contract says: “I, Jo Hyun Jae, support the “committee against marriage”

We explained to Hyun Jae that the committee is only against him getting married within 6 months to 1 year after signing the contract. So Hyun Jae got the contract again and signed it this time.
Comment: Oh, so initially, JHJ didn’t support the “committee against marriage”.  But changed his mind when he was given a time frame. That means JHJ is not getting married within the next 12 months? 😀


Highlight #2:
We were told that Hyun Jae had overnight filming for 5 consecutive days. Then he was finally allowed to go home. However, while still on the road home, he was called to return to the filming site again.
Comment: Oh, so this must have been the reason for the changes in the schedule of the fans’ visit. Sudden changes in filming schedule resulted in the sudden change of visit schedule.


Highlight #3:
Korean fans said JHJ was able to stay with them for only 5 minutes because he has to return to filming. They asked Hyun Jae’s manager how much longer will Hyun Jae be having that kind of filming schedule. Hyun Jae’s manager replied that this week Hyun Jae will have basically the same filming schedule (i.e. Filming 5 consecutive days until the wee hours of the morning.)


Highlight #4:
A Korean fan who reached the filming site at around 1 a.m. was asked by a handsome, young man where she came from. The Korean fan wondered why this handsome, young man is asking her where she came from and why he concerns himself with her. Then the handsome, young man explained that he is the manager of Hyun Jae hyung.
Comment: I guess, the fan just wanted to share the information that JHJ’s manager is young and handsome. 😀


Credit: Photo from food truck company @ http://kfoodtruck.co.kr/220476537206; Korean fan account from gall.dcinside.com/hyunjae; Chinese translation by ドラミ1987 @ http://tieba.baidu.com/p/4029777786. Thanks! English translation by prissymom.



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