2015.09.08 CAFE and DC fans / Drama (2015.08): Yongpal / Visit the Set

CAFE and DC fans visit Jo Hyun Jae at the set of Yongpal, 2015.09.08 (Part 2)

Visit the set 2015.09.08-9

Jo Hyun Jae fans from Carpe Diem/CAFE (Korea and Japan) and DC JHJ Gallery visited him at the set of “Yongpal” at 12 midnight yesterday, September 8. The fans prepared a coffee and tea cart (c/o DC fans) and a food truck (c/o CAFE fans).
Link to Part 1
In the picture up top, JHJ is standing in front of the food truck; picture courtesy of the food truck company. Fan-taken photos will be shared after the airing of Episode 11 of “Yongpal” tonight, September 9. Apparently, the photos contain some episode spoiler so the fans decided to post it after the episode airs. How were they to know that the food truck company would release their own photos? 😀

Visit the set 2015.09.08-10Visit the set 2015.09.08-18

DC fans prepared 4 contracts where JHJ has to affix his signature if he is in agreement with whatever is written on the contract.
I, Jo Hyun Jae, support the “Committee against marriage”
Editor: The committee is against JHJ getting married, and as you can see JHJ signed it. 😀 This is all just for fun.

Visit the set 2015.09.08-11

I, Jo Hyun Jae, “love Jo Hyun Jae DC”

Visit the set 2015.09.08-12

I, Jo Hyun Jae, will one day hold a “mountaineering fan meeting”

Visit the set 2015.09.08-13

Carpe Diem + Jo Hyun Jae DC, everyone, I love you all
Editor: I think the “everyone” refers to all of us JHJ fans. Well, I hope it does. 🙂
Visit the set 2015.09.08-14
I just want to add the picture below of the label used by DC fans for the devil-in-us coffee. It is so simple but very spot on…. and so CUTE!!!

Visit the set 2015.09.08-15


Credit: Photos 1-3 from http://kfoodtruck.co.kr/220476537206; All other photos from DC/JHJ @ gall.dcinside.com/hyunjae. Thanks!

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