2015.09.06 Japanese fans / Drama (2015.08): Yongpal / JHJ/MC Messages / On Instagram / Visit the Set

Jo Hyun Jae on Instagram, 2015.09.06

Jo Hyun Jae posted these 2 photos in his Instagram account today. Japanese fans from the Japanese fansite “Crazy for Hyunjae” visited JHJ at the set of “Yongpal” to show support for him and for his latest drama.
Caption for the above photo: Energizing (Editor: I think he meant that fans’ support gives him energy.)
#팬 분들 (fans)
#감사합니다 ^^ 보고만있어도 즐겁고 (Thank you^^ Happy even if just watching.)
#행복 하고 배부르다!! (Full of happiness)
#화이팅💪 (Fighting!)
#내편 (By my side)
Caption for the photo below (translation not verbatim): Our Japanese fans came from afar. Thanks to you, staff members and I were able to eat delicious food well. Thank you for always cheering (for me) ^^
Hashtags: #조현재 (Jo Hyun Jae) #한도준 (Handojun) #용팔이 (Yongpalyi) #최고 (Best or Top) #👍 #😆 #💪 #❤
The photo below is from the instagram account of a Japanese fan. (Source)

JHJ Instagram 2015.09.06-3

Update: I read on DC/JHJ that fans from CarpeDiem (Korean and Japanese fans) and DC/JHJ (Korean) are visiting the “Yongpal” filming site in Uijeongbu, 10 p.m. Tuesday, September 8.

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