Drama (2015.08): Yongpal / JHJ/MC Messages / On Weibo / Photos

Jo Hyun Jae on Weibo, 2015.08.31

JHJ Weibo 2015.08.31-1

Jo Hyun Jae posted these photos on his official Weibo account a few minutes before midnight yesterday.
Message: Hello there, everyone on Weibo! Are you watching “Yongpal”? I uploaded a few photos taken while filming. Guess who that person is with the back of his head showing in the last picture. Sweet dreams. Good night!


Comment: Oh, a guessing game! 😀


Korean: 你好! 웨이보 여러분 안녕하세요! 용팔이 보고들 계신가요? 촬영장 사진 몇장 올립니다. 마지막 사진들에 보이는 뒤통수는 누굴까요?^^ 좋은 꿈 꾸세요. good night~
Chinese: 你好!微博的大家!大家在看《龙八》吗?上传几张拍摄现场的照片。最后照片里的后脑勺是谁呢?^^做个好梦。good night~

JHJ Weibo 2015.08.31-2 JHJ Weibo 2015.08.31-3 JHJ Weibo 2015.08.31-4JHJ Weibo 2015.08.31-5


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