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“Yongpal”: Thoughts on Episodes 2-4 and Jo Hyun Jae scenes

Han Do Jun Teaser 3-1

I haven’t been able to follow “Yongpal” religiously, partly because my real life has been very busy lately, and partly because I was totally bored with the first 4 episodes, although there were some aspects of Episode 3 that piqued my interest. As of this writing, I have finished watching up to Episode 6 only. Hopefully I will be able to catch up before Episodes 9 and 10 air this week.
This is not a review of the drama. I am not going to nitpick on some of the ridiculous scenes, that is a pointless exercise. I will just focus on sharing my thoughts about events in the episode and characters that I find interesting and intriguing.
Link to Episode 1
The video clip below shows Han Do Jun scenes in Episode 3. For easy reference, I have included the dialogue for the scenes depicted in the clip. Dialogue for the first part, which is in Han Do Jun’s home office,  appears before the video. Dialogue for the second part, flashback of Do Jun and Yeo Jin during happier times, appears after the video.
Scene 1: At Han Do Jun’s (HDJ) home office, with Secretary (Sec) and Chae Young (CY)
HDJ: I have done so much for them (referring to the Hanshin stakeholders). Isn’t it about time for them to stop? When my father was alive, they were crawling.
Sec: I don’t think you need to react in a sensitive manner yet.
HDJ: I don’t need to be sensitive? What if they really request a court order to visit the hospital?
Sec: That won’t happen. If they did and find out that Ms. Young Ae has a mental weakness then the stock prices of their companies will crash. So they won’t be able to make a hasty move.
HDJ: So why do they keep insisting on seeing Yeo Jin?
Sec: The season of personnel changes is approaching. In case they are at a disadvantage, they are showing off their power. Wouldn’t that be their goal?
HDJ: If that is the case, then I can take it as kid’s play. But it is suspicious. Do they know something?
Sec: I am sure they don’t.
HDJ: Anyway, risk your life for security. This comedy of two families under one roof will be over soon.
Sec: Yes, I got it. Don’t worry too much. I am sure, everything will go as you planned, Chairman. It is not far away.
HDJ: By the way, are you sure you guys graduated from Harvard and Stanford? You studied so much, it must have been difficult. How many years has it been? Just how long do I have to go to her hospital room and get her approval? Should I meet with her and talk to her about it?
Chae Young arrives and butts in on the conversation between Do Jun and Secretary.
CY: Should I tell her to stop bothering you?
HDJ: What is it? What are you doing here?
CY: I am on my way to the hospital. So I just came in to say my greetings before I leave.
HDJ: Greetings? What greetings between us? What? Are you going for some “lifting” again? Don’t pull too much. If you keep pulling back like that, I heard that your ears could end up in the back of your head.
CY: Really? Honey, you’re making fun of me?
HDJ: Yes, it is a joke. Have a good day.
CY: Ears in the back of my head! You are so full of humor.
HDJ: Thank you. You may be the only one who tells me that I am full of humor.
CY: What are you saying? I really find you funny.
HDJ: Yes, I am funny. So go ahead and leave now, okay?
CY: I’ll be back. Honey, I will be pretty when I get back. (she leaves.)
HDJ (to Secretary): Do you think she was eavesdropping?
Sec: You don’t need to worry about her. She has no interest in this area anyway.
HDJ: Is there any way I don’t have to see the face of that retard? I am sure she got into school by trading favors. How could she get into an elite school?
Sec: Please calm down. It won’t take long.
HDJ: You never know. Keep an eye on her.
Sec: Yes. Don’t worry too much.
Scene 2: Flashback of Han Do Jun (HDJ) and Han Yeo Jin (HYJ) during a party as related by Cynthia to Tae Hyun. Cynthia begins the story by talking about the love story of Romeo and Juliet. Young Ae, Han Yeo Jin is Juliet, daughter of the Hanshin Group, heiress of the Chairman. She fell in love with the son of the Daejung Group, the biggest rival of the Hanshin Group.
Yeo Jin is up in the balcony looking at the party going on below. Do Jun arrives.
HDJ: What are you doing here all alone?
HYJ: I feel a bit frustrated.
HDJ: Why do you feel frustrated?
HYJ: It is frustrating… those girls. They look all the same. The way they talk. How pathetic.
HDJ: Why? They are all pretty.
HYJ: Yes, you must be happy. All of them are eager to make a good impression on you.
HDJ: Of course, I am happy. But what is the use? I won’t be getting married to who I want.
HYJ: Oppa, will you really marry Chae Young like Dad told you to?
HDJ: Do I have any power?
HYJ: You are also really frustrating. You shouldn’t do that.
HDJ: Why not? Chae Young is pretty nice.
HYJ: Wake up, Oppa. It is your life.
HDJ: Yeo Jin, you are the one who should wake up. Choi Seo Hoon will never work. You should bring someone that’s at least workable. Why did it have to be Daejung Group?
HYJ: Oppa, please. You can’t tell Dad. Not yet. What? Did you tell him already?
HDJ: If I don’t tell him do you think he will not find out?
HYJ: So you told him?
HDJ: Not yet.
Yeo Jin thanks Do Jun and kisses him on the cheeks. Embarrassed, Do Jun tells her that people are watching.
HYJ: So what? They should see it too. I am going to show them that this scary sister-in-law who cares deeply about you is right next to you. (HDJ smiles sweetly at her.)
The party ends, Do Jun and Yeo Jin stands outside the hotel waiting for their cars. When Do Jun sees Yeo Jin’s car, he asks her if she drove to the hotel by herself, Yeo Jin says yes. Do Jun tells his bodyguard that he will be driving with Yeo Jin, so bodyguard should follow them in his car. But Yeo Jin declines Do Jun’s offer to drive her.
HDJ: You can’t, it is late.
A man arrives and calls Do Jun “hyung”. Do Jun recognizes the man, it is Seo Hoon, the son of the Daejung Group, Yeo Jin’s love. Yeo Jin and Seo Hoon hastily get in her car, and Seo Hoon drives away. Seo Hoon tells Do Jun that he and Yeo Jin will see him after their honeymoon. Do Jun orders their bodyguards to follow Yeo Jin and Seo Hoon.
Other things worth noting in Episode 3:
– Yeo Jin tries to commit suicide again but Tae Hyun surreptitiously stops her from doing so.
– Aside from Chairman Han Do Jun, only the hospital Director, Chief Lee and Nurse Hwang can enter Yeo Jin’s room.
– Hospital Director gives Dr. Lee and Nurse Hwang a severe dressing down for Yeo Jin’s suicide attempt. The Director tells them that if Chairman Han finds out what happened, all of them will suffer from the Chairman’s bad temper.
– Chae Young cheats on Han Do Jun.
– Once Chae Young is in a private room in the hospital she calls her father and informs him that Do Jun is plotting to end the “2 familes under one roof” soon.
– Chae Young’s Dad is in cahoots with the Hanshin executives who tried to seek an audience with Yeo Jin in Episode 1. Chae Young extracts a promise from President Go that he will protect her father. President Go assures her that he will.
– Chae Young’s Dad and the 3 Hanshin executives discuss what Do Jun could possibly be plotting when he said “end the 2 families under 1 roof”. Executive 1 says that they have to meet with Yeo Jin before the next shareholders’ meeting. All she needs to do is sign the power of attorney form. Another says they should have planted someone in their pocket on the 12th floor of the hospital. Chae Young’s Dad says that Chae Young is trying to do just that.
– Chae Young’s father will end up with the most number of shares if they could get Yeo Jin to side with them. Chae Young’s father says that all he wanted was to fulfill the last wish of the late Chairman Han since the late Chairman took in his family as in-laws.
– Another executive says that seeing how things are at the moment, he finally realizes how accurate the late Chairman’s foresight was. Another executive wonders why Yeo Jin is still in the hospital.
– Yeo Jin’s internal monologue: During the 1st year, I prayed that I would grant the wish of whomever wakes me up, whatever that wish might be. On the second year, I prayed that I would grant the wish of whomever would let me die so that my pain would end, whatever that wish might be. On the third year, if I ever wake up, all I want to do is kill everyone who locked me up in this room.
– Cynthia encourages Tae Hyun to ask the Director about being allowed to enter Young Ae’s room as reward for his work on the Hallyu star. Director grants Tae Hyun’s request, despite Chief Lee’s objection.
– Yeo Jin and Seo Hoon have been seeing each other secretly and had promised to get married the night of the party. But the accident happened, and Seo Hoon died, Yeo Jin survived. Tae Hyun asks if her condition after the accident was that bad because she has been in the hospital for a long time. Cynthia speculates that Yeo Jin’s mental state must be the problem, not her physical condition. She lost her love, then soon after her father passed away. A case of social anxiety disorder. Yeo Jin doesn’t even want to leave her hospital room.
In Episode 4 only one conversation stood out for me. It was when Chief Lee explained to Tae Hyun why Han Yeo Jin is the heiress to the Hanshin fortune and not Chairman Han Do Jun, who is the older of the 2 siblings. Chief Lee’s explanation: “Matrilineal succession. Yeo Jin’s mother was the only child of the Hanshin Group, while Chairman Han Do Jun was brought in by his father when he married Han Yeo Jin’s mother. Therefore, the proper bloodline belongs to Han Yeo Jin”. Chief Lee adds that if Yeo Jin is not in a vegetative state then she would be the Chairman of the Hanshin Group.
Episodes 2 is very straightforward, nothing much to ponder on, so I have no special thoughts about it.
In Episode 4 we finally find out why Yeo Jin is heir of the Hanshin Group instead of Do Jun. More on this later.
Han Do Jun
Han Do Jun is a very intriguing character. I am sure that even if he is not being played by Hyun Jae I would still find him intriguing because there are so many things about him that we don’t know yet. Foremost of which is what happened to make him harm his own flesh and blood? Was it just greed for power, position and wealth that made him do the things he is doing?
We know from Episode 1 that his greed has pushed him to harm even his own sister. Since then we have found out that he bribes and blackmails people to appease them and/or to force them to do his bidding. He has the mentality of a gangster. Whenever he is pushed into a corner, his first instinct is to either harm, kill, bully, bribe and/or blackmail people.
In this episode we get more hints to Do Jun’s personality. He has a bad temper. Though we haven’t seen him blow his temper up as of Episode 4, Chief Lee and Nurse Hwang acted cowed when Director threatened them with Chairman Han’s bad temper.
Do Jun also has a sharp tongue, as evidenced by his comment to his secretary, “are you sure you guys graduated from Harvard and Stanford? You studied so much, it must have been difficult”.
Do Jun also keeps harping about people who studied in elite universities, which makes me think that he has an inferiority complex towards people who graduated from such universities. Maybe Do Jun never got the chance to go into an elite university, or if he did, maybe not under his own steam? Maybe Daddy spread money around so his son could get accepted into an elite university?
He also has a sarcastic sense of humor, as evidenced by his conversation with Chae Young.
These 2 instances make me think that Do Jun doesn’t care much for Chae Young:
(1) Do Jun said, “Is there any way I don’t have to see the face of that retard (referring to Chae Young)? I am sure she got into school by trading favors. How could she get into an elite school?” – you don’t say things like that about a woman you care about, and
(2) later during his conversation with Yeo Jin in the flashback, he made it seem like he is marrying Chae Young only because their father wanted it, although Do Jun did say that he thinks Chae Young is “pretty nice”.
The flashback scene of Do Jun and Yeo Jin shows us that the siblings seem to care about each other before the accident that resulted in the death of Yeo Jin’s love. Surely Do Jun has always known that Yeo Jin would inherit the Hanshin fortune, not him. This is evidenced by his retort to Yeo Jin that he has no choice but to marry whomever their father wanted him to marry since he has no power.
But Do Jun seemed nice and caring towards Yeo Jin before the accident. So, what could have happened afterwards to turn Do Jun into a devil? Or has Do Jun always just pretended to be nice and caring towards Yeo Jin while their father was alive? But once Dad died, he just showed his true colors. And when Yeo Jin tried to commit suicide after Seo Hoon’s death, maybe Do Jun finally saw a way to make the Hanshin fortune his.
Lee Chae Young
Chae Young hides a sharp mind behind a ditsy facade. She seems to care only for herself and her father, who seems to be a weakling. She shows concern for Yeo Jin’s well-being only because she needs Yeo Jin for now to serve her own interests. Later, once she has achieved her goal, I am sure she could care less what happens to Yeo Jin.
I know that the drama wants us to think that she cheats on Do Jun. I wonder if she is really cheating on Do Jun, or if that is just a front, just as her air-headedness is a front. Well, if she is indeed cheating on Do Jun, then, I don’t like her. I don’t like the idea of her cheating on my Do Jun, even if he is a very bad man. Ha! Ha! I am truly a die-hard JHJ fan! 😀
Other stuff
– What does Do Jun mean when he said end the “2 families under one roof”? End the struggle between him and Yeo Jin for ownership of Hanshin? Or end the struggle between him and the Hanshin executives? I think it is more likely end the struggle between him and the Hanshin executives because as far as Do Jun is concerned he has Yeo Jin under his control.
– President Go is turning out to be another intriguing character. I look forward to the development of his character.
– I wonder what one Hanshin executive meant when he said, “seeing how things are at the moment, I finally realize how accurate the late Chairman’s foresight was.” Could Daddy Han have foreseen that Do Jun would try to grab power once Dad is no longer around? I hope Writer will not forget to address this thread in future episodes.


Credit: Photo from CarpeDiem Japan @ hyunjaelove.jp; Video c/o Ojik HJ. Thanks!

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