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Jo Hyun Jae in September 2015 issue of Lady 경향 magazine (Interview, Part 2)

2015 Lady-17

This is Part 2 of my English translation of Jo Hyun Jae‘s interview which appeared in the September 2015 issue of Lady 경향 (Lady Kyunghyang) magazine.

Link to Part 1


Q6: I think the greatest attraction of Jo Hyun Jae playing a villain is because it is so unexpected. How can someone with such an innocent face be perpetrating evil acts?
JHJ: So far in my acting career, the words most often heard about me are “pure youth”, clear eyes, sunny smile, etc. Maybe with this role, I will be able to get rid of that (laughs). That is exactly it, when someone makes an unexpected action the impact will be greater, so everyone’s reaction will be more intense.
Q7: Behind the smiling face hides a dagger, a man with 2 faces. Do you have role model for this character?
JHJ: I have not checked out other onscreen villain characters. Rather, I draw from my own experiences and from real people I have encountered. I tend to find clues from deep inside me, rather than from external forces. With this work, I also want to draw inspiration from deep inside me.
Q8: Are there similarities between Jo Hyun Jae and Han Do Jun?
JHJ: I think deep inside all of us there lurks a wicked side. I am not talking about extreme wickedness we see depicted in dramas and movies. I am talking about our big and small angry reactions to various daily encounters which we tend to hide deep inside us. For example, when we are in a dispute with someone, or when we find out that we have been lied to, or when we find ourselves in a position that we don’t like, or when we are facing a tough situation. Those are the kind of memories from which I have been drawing inspiration.
Q9: Jo Hyun Jae, what are the difficult things that has happened to you which you can recall?
JHJ: In terms of my career…. There are times when even though I want to act, but there is no opportunity to do so. An actor finding an acting project that he truly likes is really fate. Not all actors can get the role that they really want all the time. There are times when you spend a long time in an uncertain state and while you are waiting you have this strong desire to work. Times like that can be very depressing. While I was in the Army, not being able to act was more difficult compared to the military training that I had to undergo. An acting senior who has been acting for 30 years now told me that he experiences the same kind of distress when faced with the same situation. He said that if he finds himself resting for 3 months he begins to feel distressed. When I heard his thoughts, it was then I realized that waiting for a good role is the fate of actors.
Editor: I was hoping JHJ would mention a difficulty in his personal life, but, once again, he evades talking about his personal life.
Q10: After your first villain debut, what are your thoughts? Is there a fateful feeling?
JHJ: After the first episode aired, I heard comments saying that I was “really like the devil”. I felt very happy to hear such comments. Now hearing praises like my acting is “chilling” is much better compared to gaining popularity as a handsome youth or receiving praise for my good looks. Of course, there will be a lot of female fans (if he was protagonist instead of antagonist) (laughs). I wanted to know how it feels to be hated as a villain, I think it is interesting. The feeling is similar to how I felt back when I was just starting as an actor.
Comment: JHJ does look like he is relishing the experience of being the bad guy.


Q6: 조현재가 연기하는 악역의 가장 큰 매력은 의외성인 것 같다. 그런 선한 얼굴로 악행을 저지르는 인물이라니.
JHJ: 그동안 연기하며 가장 많이 들었던 말이 ‘순수 청년’이었다. 선한 눈빛, 맑은 미소 이런 말이 항상 따라붙었는데 이번에 그걸 벗게 되지 않을까 싶다(웃음). 전혀 그럴 것 같지 않은 인물이 의외의 행동을 할 때 충격이 크지 않나. 그래서 더 강렬하게 봐주시는 것 같다.
Q7: 미소 뒤에 비수를 숨기고 있는 두 얼굴의 인물인데, 혹시 롤모델로 삼은 캐릭터가 있나?
JHJ: 다른 악역을 찾아보지는 않았다. 그보다 그동안 내가 접해왔던 순간들과 사람들을 떠올렸다. 외부가 아닌 내부에서 실마리를 찾는 편이다. 착한 사람, 악한 사람, 좋은 쪽이든 나쁜 쪽이든 강렬했던 경험에서 영감을 얻는다. 이번 작품 역시 내 안에서 끄집어내려고 했다.
Q8: 조현재 안에 한도준과 비슷한 무언가가 있던가?
JHJ: 누구에게나 본능의 밑바닥 어딘가에는 악한 면이 있지 않나. 물론 드라마나 영화에 등장하는 극단적인 모습은 아니겠지만 일상에서 맞닥뜨리는 크고 작은 분노에 그런 면들이 숨어 있다고 생각한다. 예를 들면 누군가와 싸웠을 때나 속았다는 걸 알았을 때, 원치 않은 상황에서 힘들었던 경우들 말이다. 그런 기억들을 떠올린다.
Q9: 조현재에게 가장 힘들었던 기억은 뭔가?
JHJ: 연기를 하고 싶은데 기회가 오지 않았을 때였던 것 같다. 배우가 작품을 만난다는 건 정말 인연이다. 모든 배우가 하고 싶은 역할을 언제든 할 수 있는 건 아니니까. 그런 불확실성 속에서 긴 시간을 보내다 보면 일에 목마르고 우울해지더라. 군대에 있을 때 훈련받는 것보다 연기를 못하는 상황이 무척 힘들었다. 그런데 연기 경력이 30년 넘은 선생님들 역시 그런 고민을 하시더라. 3개월만 쉬어도 불안하다는 말씀을 듣고 배역을 기다리는 건 연기자의 숙명이라는 걸 깨달았다.
Q10: 데뷔 이후 첫 악역인데, 어떤가. 숙명적인 느낌이 있나?
JHJ: 1회 방송 때 “정말 악마 같다”라는 말을 듣고 정말 기뻤다. 젊었을 때 꽃미남으로 인기를 얻고 찬사를 받는 것보다 지금 이렇게 소름 끼친다는 말을 듣는 게 훨씬 더 좋다. 물론 여성 팬들이 많이 생기는 건 아니겠지만(웃음). 악역으로 미움 받는 느낌이 이런 거구나 싶고, 재미있다. 연기를 시작했던 처음으로 돌아간 느낌이다.
Credit: Photo and interview from http://lady.khan.co.kr/khlady.html?mode=view&code=5&artid=201508241539021; Chinese translation byドラミ1987 posted on JHJ/Baidu. Thanks! English translation by Prissymom.

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