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Jo Hyun Jae in September 2015 issue of Lady 경향 magazine (Photos)

2015 Lady-18

Here are the official photos from Jo Hyun Jae‘s pictorial with Lady 경향 (Lady Kyunghyang) magazine. The photos and the interview appear in their September 2015 issue.
I am still in the process of translating the interview. In the meantime, let us just feast our eyes on JHJ’s latest photos.

2015 Lady-17 2015 Lady-19 2015 Lady-20 2015 Lady-21 2015 Lady-22

The photos below were not included in the magazine but were shared by the photographer in her Instagram account last week:

JHJ Instagram 2015.08.13-2 JHJ Instagram 2015.08.13-6 JHJ Instagram 2015.08.13-8


Credit: http://lady.khan.co.kr/khlady.html?mode=view&code=5&artid=201508241539021


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