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Jo Hyun Jae on Instagram, 2015.08.20-21

Jo Hyun Jae posted the above photo late last night, August 21, on his official Instagram account.
Caption for the above photo: Thank you for your support.
Photo below was posted on the 20th:
Caption: Tonight “Yongpal” scene (Editor: However, the scene depicted in the photo appeared in Episode 6 which aired on August 21.)
Photo below was posted the same day as the photo up top, but this one was posted first.
Caption: Sorry, I can’t understand the translation from Google translate. 😦
The photo below is so precious because we rarely see our Hyunjae’s beautiful smiles these days as he is playing villain in his current drama. With our Prince in the photo is actor Kim Dong Suk who plays one of the resident doctors in the drama. The photo is from Kim’s Instagram account.
Caption: Yongpal rating over 20% feels good.

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