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“Yongpal”, Jo Hyun Jae first villain challenge? Frightening evil transformation (Updated)

Editor: This post was originally published on August 6, 2015. I updated it to incorporate corrections made by Jenny Park to my rough English translation. Thanks, Jenny!


Below is the English translation of the articles about Jo Hyun Jae’s portrayal of Han Do Jun after episode 1 aired on August 5.
Article Title: Jo Hyun Jae first villain challenge? Frightening evil transformation.
Actor Jo Hyun Jae successfully breaks his first villain acting challenge right at the starting line with his goose-bump inducing, creepy evil smile.
Jo Hyun Jae plays Han Do Jun who forces his younger sister into a vegetative state so he could continue as chairman of the Hanshin Group. With this character, Jo Hyun Jae has made a deep impression with his acting in the first episode of the SBS drama “Yongpal” which aired on August 5.
Han Do Jun’s appearance in the first episode is short but made a huge impact. Do Jun locks his younger sister Han Yeo Jin (Kim Tae Hee) in the restricted area (of the family-owned hospital) and only a handful of medical staff is allowed to make contact with her. The appearance of Do Jun controlling the situation happened so naturally despite the degree of his wrongdoing.
Do Jun ignores the Hanshin Group’s executives demands to see Yeo Jin, whom they have not seen for a long time. He prevents them from seeing Yeo Jin by coyly claiming that Yeo Jin made another attempt at harming herself and leaking malicious information. These tactics give an appearance of Do Jun burning with ambition.
Han Do Jun appears dressed in a luxurious suit and disguises himself with a gentle smile on the outside. But once inside the room where Yeo Jin is confined, the camouflage is removed and his real self is revealed. While looking down at his sister, who is lying helpless, Han Do Jun smiles wickedly down at her. In her vegetative state, Yeo Jin says that Han Do Jun’s appearance does not differ from that of the devil.
Through his previous works, Jo Hyun Jae’s gentle and kind image has become quite strong. However, the Han Do Jun character is full of greed and complexities. In the future, we can expect Jo Hyun Jae to apply his perfect acting abilities that is full of presence.
Various Korean entertainment media outlets came out with basically the same article, but with different titles. Here are some titles which I also like:
“Jo Hyun Jae, a gentle smile hides a vicious double face “intense first appearance”
“Jo Hyun Jae, kind gentleman to greedy villain… transformation successful”

Han Do Jun Ep 1-5Han Do Jun Ep 1-6

Article link: http://m.busan.com/m/News/view.jsp?newsId=20150806000140#cb


Credit: Video by Ojik; photos by HB Entertainment; English translation by Prissymom and Jenny Park. Thanks!

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