JHJ/MC Messages / On Instagram

Jo Hyun Jae on Instagram, 2015.08.05

This is Jo Hyun Jae’s latest post on his official Instagram account.

Caption: 본방사수 부탁드려요 👍

I do not understand the whole caption, but the second part “부탁드려요” translates to “I am begging you.” So, my assumption is JHJ is begging fans to watch “Yongpal”.

It must really be very hot in South Korea right now for JHJ to be wearing a tank top (Editor: I do not know if tank top is the right term for this undershirt. In the Philippines we call it sando.)

I don’t like tank tops on men, it is the one piece of men’s clothing which I dislike the most. But this is JHJ, so I will just ignore what he’s wearing. I will just focus on his handsome face, his biceps and his toy cars. 😀


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