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Jo Hyun Jae talks about Han Do Jun role

Han Do Jun Press Conference 34

Jo Hyun Jae talks about his reasons for deciding to take on the role of Han Do Jun in “Yongpal” during the drama’s Press Conference held last July 30.
Below is the English translation of a news report highlighting JHJ’s reasons for deciding to take on the Han Do Jun role. I will not translate the whole article as some parts are just a rehash of information about the drama that we know already.


Article Title: Jo Hyun Jae, “I was attracted to the role because the character is crooked and deficient (or lacking.)
Actor Jo Hyun Jae will get rid of his good guy (or neat) image.
JHJ says, “I play the role of Han Do Jun, half-brother of Kim Tae Hee. To gain control of the company and for power, he has to be cool and wicked, becoming very complex.”
JHJ adds, “It is my first time to play such a character so I have a lot of expectations and in the future, my ambition as an actor will increase (expressing more ambition).
JHJ explains, “When I read the script, I confirmed the emotional ups and downs. What gives flavor to it is not the quiet content but the cinematic elements.”
JHJ explains further, “Such point (referring to the cinematic elements) was very attractive to me and playing a wicked character for the first time so I preferred this work.”
Below is the video clip of Hyunjae’s interview during the Press Conference:
Credit: Thanks to Amany Sowon for helping me with the English translation; Video from DC/JHJ. Thanks!

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