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Jo Hyun Jae to join cast of “Yongpal”?


Reports are out that Jo Hyun Jae is set to join the cast of SBS drama “Yongpal”. “Yongpal” is the story of a doctor who will be forced to do home visits to the filthy rich to augment his income as he struggles with debt due to his sister’s kidney dialysis. In the course of his home visits he will witness the shady goings-on in the homes of his rich clients.
As far as I know, the title character “Yongpal” will be played by Joo Won. So if JHJ joins the cast, he will play #2 actor. However, no details have been given yet regarding Hyunjae’s role in the drama. Well, Hyunjae has been hungry for a dark role for such a long time now. I hope this role will be the answer to that desire.
According to news reports, officials from JHJ’s agency HB Entertainment said that JHJ is still “reviewing the work”.
Anyway, like always, I will support Hyunjae whatever his choice and decision will be.


UPDATE (3:45 p.m.):
From other sources, it has been reported that the role offered to JHJ is previously occupied by actor Oh Jung Se (OJS), who withdrew from the drama due to scheduling conflicts. If JHJ accepts the role vacated by OJS then JHJ will be playing the brother of Kim Tae Hee (KTH). In the drama, KTH plays a comatose heiress who regains consciousness with the help of Yongpal. KTH will then seek vengeance on those who harmed her. JHJ’s character is one who tries to harm KTH due to inheritance issues.
HB officials confirmed that JHJ has indeed been invited to join the cast of “Yongpal”, however, things are still under consideration and negotiation and no formal decision has been reached yet.

조현재 측 “‘용팔이’ 결정된 사항 無..제안 받고 검토 중”

TV리포트=신나라 기자] 배우 조현재가 올 하반기 안방극장에 복귀할 가능성이 높아졌다.

23일 한 매체는 SBS 새 수목드라마 ‘용팔이'(장혁린 극본, 오진석 연출)에 오정세 대신 조현재가 투입된다고 보도했다.

이와 관련해 HB엔터테인먼트 관계자는 TV리포트에 “조현재가 ‘용팔이’ 출연 제안을 받고 검토 중인 건 맞다”면서도 “아직 결정된 사항은 아무것도 없다”고 밝혔다.

‘용팔이’는 의사가 됐지만 신장투석을 받아야 하는 여동생 때문에 빚에 허덕이는 한 남자의 이야기를 그린 드라마로, 주원과 김태희가 남녀주인공으로 출연을 확정지었다.

한편 ‘용팔이’는 최근 당초 알려진 이동훈 감독에서 오진석 감독으로 연출자가 교체됐다. 당시 SBS 측은 ” SBS 내부사정으로 인한 연출자 교체일 뿐, 배우 출연 등에 관한 문제는 전혀 없다”며 “‘용팔이’ 제작일정 또한 차질없이 진행된다”고 강조했다.

신나라 기자 norah@tvreport.co.kr/ 사진=TV리포트 DB

Article link: http://media.daum.net/entertain/star/newsview?newsid=20150623120221185
Credit: Photo by BNT

5 thoughts on “Jo Hyun Jae to join cast of “Yongpal”?

  1. Thanks for the update
    If the drama is well written and directed I would not mind JHJ playing second fiddle

    • For me the most important are (1) the story is well-written and (2) JHJ’s role is interesting.

      I don’t want another crappy “Ad Genius” drama and Addie Kang role for JHJ.

  2. I agree with your conclusion. Addie Kang is supposed to be intelligent and has won several awards. But then he resorted to copying ideas. The portrayal of Addie Kang’s talent did not match his behavior. This was when I decided not to finish the drama

  3. I hope he does not accept this role! he should play the leading part. I think he slowly moving away from acting.:(((

    • How can it be considered as moving away from acting? It is still acting, just that the role is very different from his previous roles. I see it as JHJ going out of his comfort zone, flexing his acting muscles, and seriously trying to improve his craft.

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