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Jo Hyun Jae BNT interview and official photos, June 2015 (Part 3/Final)

BNT24This is Part 3/Final of Jo Hyun Jae‘s BNT interview. English translation is by Jenny Park. Thank you!
Title of Article: [Interview] Jo Hyun Jae, he wants to raise the flavor of his acting with thick-lined (in-depth) characters.
Editor: Our translator explained that thick-lined or in-depth characters means that JHJ wants to portray more heavy-duty or more meaningful characters.
[Reporter: Jo Ji Yoon]
Jo Hyun Jae, an actor that has a bright and attractive smile openly announced his fashion photobook, which stimulated his female fans.
He provided us with his usual handsome visuals, on top of that he is humble and is a well-mannered gentleman. Throughout the whole time shooting for the photobook he made the atmosphere bright. During the photography/filming session he showed his powerful eyes along with a natural pose. He caught the heart of the photography staff with his fatal magic.
After the photoshoot there was an interview. Even with him talking in his soft voice, you are able to feel his strength. Moreover, during the whole interview session he remained calm and he answered in a sincere manner. In addition, you are able to feel that he is an actor who showed sincere consideration for others.
Even though he has already been acting for 15 years now, he says that his acting life is still evolving.
“In the future I want to show myself as an actor that brings forms of variety with thick-lined (in-depth) characters.”
Let us meet the actor who signaled us with his resurrection.


Q21: In an interview, Cha Ye Ryun said that you are quite shy and an introvert. Would you say that this is correct?
JHJ: For the most part I don’t talk much and I’m not close to many people so probably, that’s why she thought that way. Even so, with this kind of work I changed a bit and I am little bit more outgoing now.
Q22: You are in your 30s now. It’s time for you to get married. I think this is the right time to ask such questions.
JHJ: If I can, I want to hurry up and get married. I always do think about getting married. However, I want to work even harder now. To be honest, I never really thought of getting married in later years. I think that when it comes to marriage the heavens will decide for me (smiles).
Q23: How do you usually date? Are you the one that makes the first move?
JHJ: I think I usually make the first move.


Q24: Nowadays, celebrities date publicly a lot. If you do date would you date publicly or not?
JHJ: I think it would be okay to date publicly, I think it really depends though.
Q25: Do you have an ideal type of woman?
JHJ: Someone that is really nice. A long time ago, the elders and the big brother types used to say that the nicest girls are the best. Well, I think that’s the right answer for sure. As I get older I can totally relate to this. When I was in my 20s, I would consider more of their outer appearances. However, now that has changed. Nowadays, the first thing that comes to mind is, “Is she nice or is she not?” I think that girls are prettier when they do have a good personality.
Q26: When you have an empty schedule what do you do?
JHJ: For awhile I commuted to the gym, went hiking, and since I like camping a lot, I would go to a local campsite as well. I also do something that’s similar to exercising there. I also love animals a lot so I take care of dogs as well. That’s the way I have been living as of late.


Q27: What are your current interests?
JHJ: I wasn’t interested in clothing at all back in the days, but nowadays I have a growing interest in that field. I think a lot about fashion these days.
Q28: It’s already mid June of 2015. What are your future plans?
JHJ: Since I rested a lot, so I think I’ll be working more. (Editor: Oh, yes, please!)
Q29: These days, a lot of stars go to China and Japan.
JHJ: I go and have fan meetings often in Japan. I’m planning to go meet with my fans there this year. And also, with China, if there is a good project, I want to get involved in it.
Q30: Finally, please say something to your readers.
JHJ: I want to show you all an improved version of me and I want to work hard for that.




Comment: This batch of photos is my favorite among JHJ’s BNT photos. The all-white outfit and Hyunjae’s gentle good looks make him look like an angel. I wouldn’t be surprised if he suddenly sprouts wings and a halo. 😀
However, the look in his eyes is telling a different story – they are killing me. ❤


Article link: http://bntnews.hankyung.com/apps/news?mode=sub_view&popup=0&nid=08&c1=08&c2=03&c3&nkey=201506152002223


Credit: Photos by BNT; English translation by Jenny Park. Thanks!

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