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Jo Hyun Jae BNT interview and official photos, June 2015 (Part 2)


This is Part 2 of Jo Hyun Jae‘s BNT interview. English translation is by Jenny Park. Thank you!
Title of Article: [Interview] Jo Hyun Jae, he wants to raise the flavor of his acting with thick-lined (in-depth) characters.
Editor: Our translator explained that thick-lined or in-depth characters means that JHJ wants to portray more heavy-duty or more meaningful characters.
[Reporter: Jo Ji Yoon]
Jo Hyun Jae, an actor that has a bright and attractive smile openly announced his fashion photobook, which stimulated his female fans.
He provided us with his usual handsome visuals, on top of that he is humble and is a well-mannered gentleman. Throughout the whole time shooting for the photobook he made the atmosphere bright. During the photography/filming session he showed his powerful eyes along with a natural pose. He caught the heart of the photography staff with his fatal magic.
After the photoshoot there was an interview. Even with him talking in his soft voice, you are able to feel his strength. Moreover, during the whole interview session he remained calm and he answered in a sincere manner. In addition, you are able to feel that he is an actor who showed sincere consideration for others.
Even though he has already been acting for 15 years now, he says that his acting life is still evolving.
“In the future I want to show myself as an actor that brings forms of variety with thick-lined (in-depth) characters.”
Let us meet the actor who signaled us with his resurrection.BNT20
BNT30Q11: Han Chae Young has a boyish personality. Is this true?
JHJ: She is even more loyal than a typical guy. She is the type that would look after you more. She is really manly.
Q12: You debuted in the commercial for Pocari Sweat back in 2000. What is your feeling on this?
JHJ: “When did this happen?” “Wow time flies by so fast.” I can’t help but feel this way. I also feel regret about a lot of things. I can’t help but think, “I should have done better.” These are the kind of regrets I have, but these days I’m working as if I’m a newbie. I think that you should never forget this kind of attitude. I also think that I want to go further as much as I’ve come this far.
Q13: Currently, you said that you work as if you’re a rookie again. Is there a special period when you started thinking like this?
JHJ: I’m thankful that I’m able to act until now. I have fans that still cheer me on since I was a rookie, they are my die-hard fans. Whenever I see them I feel bad because I feel I have not done enough for them. Because of them I want to do better and become better. With that in mind, I’m prepared to work even harder than before.
Q14: Have you ever had a time when it was difficult?
JHJ: As time passes, I don’t think of the difficult times anymore. Not being able to sleep, not being able to eat was a problem in the past, but not anymore. As time passes, hardships become more meaningful in a way. Since I think like that I feel like I’m an older person.
Q15: When we hear the name Jo Hyun Jae, melodrama acting is like a well-fitting custom-tailored suit. What do you think of this? (Editor: Meaning that the name Jo Hyun Jae is synonymous to melodrama acting).
JHJ: Maybe, it’s because I’ve done so many melodrama types of stuff, that is why people think that way. I’m thankful because they think that melodrama is well-suited for me. However, I want to show my fans that I can portray characters that are different from my previous roles.


BNT26Q16: If that’s the case, what kind of characters would you like to play?
JHJ: A role that is rather comforting/relaxing. Or since I’m in my 30s now, I want to show the fans that I am able to play thick-lined (in-depth/more meaningful/more heavy-duty) characters.
Q17: In this day and age, many actors appear in variety shows. It is really hard to see your face in variety shows. Are you thinking about appearing in it at all?
JHJ: I’m not much of a talker (smiles). I believe that you are born with that kind of talent. When it comes to acting, you can analyze, and with work you can put on another pair of clothes. However, I think I don’t have the talent for variety shows. Since I’m not much of a talker, it would be better suited for someone else to do variety type shows.
Q18: I looked at your previous interviews and you said that if you dreamed of becoming a star in your 20s, now [in your 30s] you want to be called an actor. Is there a particular goal you want to fulfill as an actor?
JHJ: I’m not putting a line between a star and an actor. In my 20s, I played a lot of characters that were similar in nature but I can’t help but think that in my 30s I want to be able to show a different side of me. I try not to put a line between star and actor. I think that I should just wholeheartedly do my job regardless of those things.
Q19: If that is so is there an actor you would like to work with?
JHJ: I haven’t had a chance to work with many male senior actors so, I would like to have the chance to do that.
Q20: In tVN’s Let’s Eat Together Seo Hyun Jin said that her ideal type is Jo Hyun Jae who has eyes like that of a deer. What do you think of this?
JHJ: I’m thankful that Hyun Jin sees me in such a positive light. In my opinion, out of all the actresses out there, Hyun Jin is the best. She is sincere and puts in a lot of effort.



Article link: http://bntnews.hankyung.com/apps/news?mode=sub_view&popup=0&nid=08&c1=08&c2=03&c3&nkey=201506152002223
Credit: Photos by BNT; English translation by Jenny Park. Thanks!

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